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Distribution (of wealth) is the last unsolved frontier of human economic systems. OSE is working on addressing this opportunity, which is related to the OSE Flywheel or economic engine that unleashes human progress.

Omission at Wikipedia

I corrected an apprent elephant-in-the-room omission at wikipedia, which was missing Distribution as an unsolved problem. [1] under Capital Theory.

  • Distribution: while humanity has achieved unprecedented levels of production, distribution of this wealth throughout society remains problematic. Many individuals, and even entire countries, remain in poverty - while other countries thrive. And even in the most affluent countries, poverty is a persistent problem. Even though modern production has far exceeded the ability of societies to absorb this production, many people remain deprived of basic material security. This remains one of the key enigmas of human systems, especially since civilization has not even reached anywhere close to tapping all of its available energy resources, based on the theory of the Kardashev Scale.


See wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distribution_(marketing)


  • Sell CDs on CD baby. But - they also accept audio books - [2]
  • CD baby story - When Sivers founded his company CD Baby, he reduced the concept down to first principles. Sivers asked, What does a successful business need? His answer was happy customers.


  • Distribution vs marketing - [3]. Point - find clever ways to make a distribution channel your marketing, and your marketing turn into distribution channels.