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Exec Summary

The OSE flywheel is


Based on the flywheel concept in Good to Great - what is the OSE flywheel?

It is possibly the extreme efficiency afforded by attention to design-phase CAD-BOM-Build detail as well as Module-Based Design that allows for Swarming. That is the key to low cost, high performance, and speed of production.

  1. Digital design
  2. Integrated design of a complex product ecosystem
  3. Builds on industry standards and transforms them to a better working product

OSE Flywheel and the Last Frontier of Economcis

  1. Seeding open source economic power via optimization and collaborative design - docs, CAD, BOMs embodied in CAD-BOM-Build technique - allows for the design to generate value upon open product release.
  2. Value generated allows for full time, continuing development not limited by geography
  3. Because collaborative development is spawned, the product gets better, and particularly, it becomes an Integrated Design.
  4. The integrated design leads to Integrated Enterprise which continues to build and improve the product ecosystem wit a mind on thriving and prosperity for everyone.
  5. Lifestyles are fundamentally affected once Integrated Education built around the products leads to the creation of a collaboratively literate culture, with jobs based on collaborative culture.
  6. Eradication of competitive waste further spins the flywheel, and global focus shifts towards democracy and lasting progress that solves The Last Frontier of Economics