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The main focus of this webinar is technical development of OSE's Distributive Enterprises, with a byproduct of publicity and rabblerousing.

Format and Protocol

The standard format involves leading producer/entreprenuer practitioners who are selected with an explicit request to opensource their business model or to assist OSE in opensourcing our business model for a given enterprise. This may be easy with individuals who work openly, so if it is too difficult to get meaningful insights from a a given individual, that individual must be bypassed. The interviewee must agree to work openly, ie, that their webinar may be broadcast on Google Hangouts on Air.

The standard format is:

  • Topic introduction and framing within OSE's DE creation.
    Provides overview of OSE's current Business Model, and submits it for review to presenter and participants.
    Invites others to participate in developing the same DE in parallel, based on riding coattails of knowhow and developing the enterprise collaboratively.
  1. Sharing of technical knowhow - preferably in an interactive format where we get to ask questions specifically related to DE on the respective subject
  2. Short Q&A for the presenter at the end, open to webinar participants.

The webinar is recorded automatically via Google Hangouts on Air and past sessions are are published on the DE Webinar Log. Webinars are announced on the OSE FB Page.

Code of Conduct

See sample at [1] for a template.


Webinar is organized by OSE's EIRs.

Sessions aim to include technical, operations, and economic aspects of each topic, and are geared towards the creation of Distributive Enterprise.

Schedule, week 1-20:

  1. Compost Chicken on Steroids with Geoff Lawton - Compost Chicken Operation basics - the State Farm Economist we met in S. Missouri
  2. Compost Chicken Operations 101-
  3. Turkey Raising 101 -
  4. Design & Build of Chicken Incubator 101-
  5. How to run a Regenerative 2000 laying chickens Operation - South Africa guy
  6. Fair Share Farm -
  7. Keyline Plow Design
  8. Open Source Tractor Design 101
  9. Tractor Construction Set FreeCAD
  10. Kansas City Local Food Initiatives 101 -
  11. Robotic Weeder Design 101 - Tom Griffing or IBEX UK