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Summary: The Documentation Manager executes against the standards for documentation, and the Documentation Director (DD) assists the ED in developing these standards. The DD s responsible for organizational learning necessary for best practices to spread throughout the OSE development community. Assesses documentation for clarity and quality, and directs priorities of technical documentation. Specific tasks include development and management of the Flashy XM platform, and prioritization of development tasks in the XM platform. Collaborates with FeF Documenter, CAD Director, and Community Manager Role Description to set standards. Works with and guides remote collaborators in the production of documentation assets.


  • Capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking


  • Responsible for the overall state of OSE documentation: responsible for setting standards for documentation fulfillment for OSE
  • Develops branding strategy, license, and design versioning repository with assistance from advisory team
  • Responsible for assisting the Executive Director in the craetion of standards.
  • Performs technical assessment of designs for adherence to OSE Specifications
  • Sets development priorities for documentation - responsible for prioritizing Documentation Steps of the Flashy XM platform
  • Responsible for advising Founding Director on priorities of overall product ecology Development Steps
  • Creates Distilled Documentation Pages - XM Documentation Brief Page - for each project
  • Submits requests to Developers for explanations, video clips, vlogs, measurements, or other technical documentation.
  • Assures that organizational learning occurs on documentation technique within the development team
  • Collects and assesses available documentation on industry standards from external resources
  • Collates, requests, and refactors documentation from team members
  • Synthesizes, organizes, diagrams, maps, and otherwise upgrades information architecture
  • Studies external resources and assimilates best documentation practices into OSE
  • Develops training materials for Documenters-in-Training
  • Works with CAD Director to assure CAD assets are being generate as needed
  • Works with FeF Documenter, Blogger, and CAD Director to assure that documentation standards and progress are communicated to the greater world
  • Works with Documentation Community Manager to
  • Produces high quality explainer videos as necessary
  • Develops and oversees soundtrack, video archive, photo archive, media asset, CAD, and other repositories and file versioning systems
  • Works with Curriculum Director to produce teaching materials for Post-Scarcity Civilization
  • Works with field-testing interns/trainees to write field-testing reports
  • Coordinates writing of technical manuals (with Documentation Community Manager) via Book Sprints: skills training manuals, fabrication process, product manuals
  • Works with field-testing team/product designer/industry professionals (SME’s)
  • Works with Production Director to generate Open Business Model documentation
  • Cross-training in production or other hands-on skills to participate in collaborative production and to extend appreciation and understanding of a wide range of activities necessary to build a civilization

Required Skills

  • Engineering, physics, or other technical background - to allow for technical assessment of designs
  • Project Management experience
  • Photoshop/Illustrator/Gimp/Inkscape
  • Expertise in nonlinear video editing

Learning Requirements

  • Familiarity with Systems Engineering Design Software (useful for complex systems design)
  • Fabrication + Design basic course (40 hours), plus exam
  • Fabrication + Design advanced course (40 hours), plus exam
  • Video Production basic course (10 hours)

Work Product

  • 3-5 year strategic plan for documentation
  • GVCS product manuals
  • Fabrication instructional videos
  • and learning materials package for documentation