Community Manager Role Description

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  • Title: Community Manager; promotion to Community Director sought after 12 months.
  • Basic Role Description: Manages a large global collaboration community towards making OSE the most collaborative open source hardware development project in the world.

Role General Tasks

  • Organizes significant contributions from remote collaborators by inviting them to contract-based work engagements, either as volunteers or paid contractors, including site visits, Dedicated Project Visits, remote and local designers, remote and local fabricators, remote digital fabricators, remote video editors for instructionals, media development, information architecture, publishing of manuals, and other roles.

Required Skills

  • Excellent written, graphical, verbal communication skills
  • 5+ years of experience in managing complex projects involving large distributed teams
  • Excellent ability to design, negotiate contracts, and to produce streamlined, semi-autonomous processes for contract compliance

Specific Tasks

  • Prioritizing and organizing collaborator interviews from a large pool of interested individuals who have contacted the project. Organizing and video-recording of 5 minute Collaborator Interviews to assess the collaboration potential of various stakeholders. Assessing these interviews strategically from the standpoing of project goals and sequencing to select top 3 collaborations per week for moving forward. Developing and completing such engagements in a streamlined fashion, and working with Documentation Director to assure all relevant documentation is recorded on the OSE wiki.
  • Develops and organizes 2D CAM File Flash Mob - group work sessions to generate DXF CAM files from 3D CAD or from other technical drawings. Right now, our standard file format for Flash Mobs is Sketchup for 3D models.
  • Develops and organizes CAM Flash Mob - conversion of files into partial-scale models and life-size prototypes