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  • Any sort of digital art be it 2D, 3D, Photo, or Video, should be done on Calibrated Screens
  • Most Art Tablets come factory calibrated, but this can also be done with Screen Calibrators
  • Another considersation is the touchscreen. In the case of wacom there are buttons on the side, and a stylus/pen that has pressure, orientation, and button sensors on/in it. many regular tablets do not have this
  • Also color capabilites and screentype can matter, even if calibrated, some screens can't cover the proper levels of various Color Spaces also OLED/MicroLED/Multi Zone Backlighting may be desired for better blacks
  • Some devices also have higher end graphcs such as high end Nvidia gtx cards, or even Nvidia Quadro
  • Palm Rejection may be useful for some, but as long as you use oone of These or a similar Drawing Glove, it shouldn't be a problem anyways
  • Multitouch may be another desired feature
  • Finally PORTS. Many files used in digital arts can contain large amounts of data (Raw Photos, 4k Video, 8k Video, Animation/CAD Files, etc) and especially if there are multiple transfer speeds become a wokflow bottleneck. Typically files will be moved to a RAID Array or a NAS, which is done with a high end usb such as USB C, a Thunderbolt Connection, such as Thunderbolt 3, or an ethernet connection (1 gig, 10 gig). Some newer Wifi Standaards such as AC Wifi or AX Wifi may have the bandwith, but these are not yet commonlace, and are more expensive to implement

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