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  • The 3D Printer Developed by E3D
  • It has space for Four Toolheads
  • "E3D ToolChanger & Motion System" may be the more formal method for the device itself, with Toolheads being the name for any attached device?


Motion System

  • As of now the only one on the market is their's
  • It is an H-Bot Belt Driven CNC Gantry based design
  • It can be any cnc ganty system (including that of the D3D

ToolChanger ToolHead

  • Kind of confusing name, may call it toolchanger core, or something?
  • This is the "core" of the system
  • It has a stepper motor that turns the "locking key" in their Kinematic Bearing
  • Only one is needed per machine (assuming it is not an ibex system)

Toolhead Tool Plate

  • The part that is "picked up" by the gantry via the above mechanism
  • Seems to be relitively simple, could be milled out of aluminium on a basic cnc mill?
  • Essentially anything can be attached to this; thus creating a Toolhead
  • Examples are:
    • A FDM Extruder (Can have multiple for true multi material printing, or have diferent nozzle diameters etc
    • A CNC Mill
    • A Laser Diode Toolhead
    • A Camera or Digital Microscope for Inspection of Layers
    • A Pick and Place toolhead for insertion of bearings or circuitry
    • A "Wire Layer" for reinfocement via solid fiber (ie not "chopped fibers"), or for electronic wiring embedded in the part
    • A Vacuum for clearing shavings/dust post CNC Milling (May be useful to prevent dust buildup during the ASMBL process, the toolhead only removes large flakes)
    • A Hot Air Gun

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