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  • Eric Does Various Things
  • A Youtube Channel by User:Eric
  • Not Very OSE Related, but should churn out independant OS Audio, Photo, Stock Stuff, and Video
  • The "public" one for publishing stuff etc
  • So far just 1 "test" video for audio/video, essentially a sloppy slideshow
  • Next Uploads Will Probably Be:
    • The Edited + Color Graded Video of the Tree Plantout
    • Old Videos from Phone (MAYBE color correct them, should be almost good to go stock)
    • Ametour Local Videojournalism (if i get the kit in the next few weeks or so)
  • All data is accesable via gdrive (may need to regulate later (acess with permission etc) ) and is OPEN SOURCE and all that

Stock Stuff

  • Audio, Images, Video Clips (NEEDS WORK)

Photo Files

  • More so of a portfolio for now:

Here is the link

Video Files

  • Needs work
  • Drop all the blender stuff in here

Internal Links

External Links