EV vs Hydrogen

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  • EVs have a bumpy road ahead - [1]
  • Tesla Killer - [2]

OSE Assessment

  • Lithium is a scarce and strategic resource
  • Water is abundant
  • EVs are a no go on first principles. I wonder when the world will stop deluding itself on this one. It will prosper in fringe markets such as forklifts, but no it cannot be a mainstream option because there is simply not enough lithium, and lithium mining is an environmental disaster. 
  • OSE is Solving Housing in 2021. In 2023, we are planning on Solving Energy. That means hydrogen as the next fuel of choice.

Popular View Against Hydrogen

  • Batteries are overall 80% efficient [3]
  • Hydrogen is overall 40% efficient.
  • Facts: these figures look convincing against hydrogen on paper, but facts are most EVs are likely to be fossil fueled in terms of initial electricity generation, 37% efficient for coal plants [4], bringing the 80% down to under 30% efficient.
  • Assessment of article [5]: faulty logic. Argument states : "because there is more electric vehicles now on the road than hydrogen, that clearly means that electric vehicles are superior".