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OSE Whitepaper: Solving Housing

Package this like an annual report, where good graphics provide perspective, but this is very much established in a clear plan of action and visible results.

And provide testimonials from people served.

Working Doc


Points of Solving Housing

  • Building optimized housing using Integrated Efficiency and Universal Design not requiring constant remodeling as you go through different phases of your life.
  • Producing digital housing - with a full digital model, scalability can arise via 6Ds of Disruption
  • Create a 3 month training mechanism for new builders to get up and running completely, to deliver upon orders acquired in distributed operations worldwide
  • A continuing product dev mechanism, funded by sales from the education organization. Product sales combine with apprenticeships and tuition to deliver new house builders, and houses built.
  • Open source supporting equipment, based on lifetime design, provides low cost support infrastructure
  • Creating land for new regenerative settlements, and taking land out of speculation.
  • Cooperative Housing

Facts and Figures

  • 300k houses short in the USA 2020 [1]
  • 8M people USA pay at least 50% of their income on housing [2]


  • Sell at 'market value' ie cost comparable to what is available, but provide productive capital, not a liability. Such as microfactory production or energy production. Such as microgrids - where if we educate the city departments, we can have a flexible energy production infrastructure on the scale of communities. This takes getting past big utility lobbies or just plain resistance. Blockchain microgrids are a natural solution.
  • See Selling Power Back to the Grid
  • Brownsville is the most dense public housing area in the USA - [3]

Proposed Opinions

  • Proposing public-owned housing, like social security. You pay down a rent, until you 'own', but you don't really own, though you can draw value from your fund. [4]. Sold at market value. What does that solve, though?
    • Probably solves the issues of rent vs ownership etc User: Eric
  • Community land trusts: a non-profit that owns land and takes it off the speculative market, creating a parallel market that is permanently affordable.