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A concept related to Enterprise startup. Time-binding within the realm of economics - is the capacity for enterprise startup with small or zero barriers to entry - by virtue of building on prior, documented work - as well as building upon documented bootstrapping capitalization strategies that minimize the financial outlay required. This implies the existence of Open Enterprise models to build upon. This is the opposite of the standard business case of having to develop an enterprise from scratch in a proprietary framework of Competitive Waste , reinventing the wheel throughout much of the startup effort, while facing significant startup costs.

Economic time Binding is a feature of efficiency being normalized in the world of economics, and is an inherent byproduct of the Open Source Economy via Distributive Enterprise.

Wesxdz's notes

I like the idea of a 1 Click approach to enterprise deployment. It seems compelling to provide open source tools to automate processes like

  1. from data constraints: initial startup decisions related to creating a corporation or DAO (use a computer program to perform every step of SBA's guide: 10 Steps to start your business)
  2. deploy and host an ecommerce website optimized for minimal maintenance and cost
  3. attempt marketing strategy on multiple platforms with machine learning A/B solution for media iteration


  • algorithms need a highly contextually aware environment to make decisions without intervention (ie computer knows your address, has access to capital, etc)
  • it's unclear what free agents should perform actions in the physical world and whether it is moral to do so, currently the gig economy essentially transforms large swaths of the human population into specialized mechanical turks to perform requested actions (this is an example of work which may be economically time bound but reduces humans to limited roles and thus does not empower individuals to become integrated humans)