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Abundance is a disciplined condition of performance found in the open source economy. It is a mindset and practice, both to be cultivated. It is a rigorous condition, far from an undisciplined hippie ideal. Some of its properties are:

  • Win-win - an abundance mindset always assumes the potential for win-win situations, beyond mainstream thinking of the win-lose standard.
  • Art of Possibility
  • 50/50 - it is fair. General production value generation that we strive for everyone for everyone. For example, someone who takes $50k pay must generate $50k net value. 50/50 refers to typical value generation contracts when 2 parties are involved as the most fair division for collaborators of a great organization. 50/50 applies to entrepreneurial people who can put the available resources to good use.
  • Antifragility - positive return on bad luck; adversity leading to improvement. Difficulty is not avoided, but welcomed.
  • Never split the difference - the tactic of getting to win-win situations.
  • Kardashev Scale - understanding it's implications for abundance and scarcity. And understanding that we are currently at 1/10000, which has huge implications for positive psychology and abundance.
  • Psychosocial integration for self-efficacy, neuroplastic sublimation, and care for the whole of systems - beyond oneself.
  • Level 5 Leadership and Level 6 Leadership beyond one's corporate boundary.
  • Hedgehog Concept
  • The Flywheel
  • Good to Great mindset.
  • Getting the Right People On the Bus