Electric Motor Design Notes

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  • Permanently magnetized electromagnet - energy requirements?
  • Is an electromagnet stronger than permanent magnet? Electromagnet and Magnet Strength Comparison.
  • Stator cores, connectable via etrminals, in series for high torque on high V
  • Square form factor for sidewise scalability, easy package. Hang a bunch of rotors on a common rail. Increasae size.
  • Max rotation speed of ABS or PVC disk or polycarbonate disk
  • 3D printed + metal composite hydraulic valves - structure calculations with plastic thread-in
  • Fast solenoids for valves.
  • How do you design a magnetic coil for optimal performance? When do you reach saturation?
  • Permeaability - resistance of a material to magnetization. [Electric Motor Design]
  • Coulomb - SI unit of charge, about E19 fundamental charges.
  • Amp - one coulomb of charges flowing per second
  • Farad - is a capacitance of electric charge: one coulomb of charge separated by 1 volt. See International System of Units
  • Henry -