Electric Motor Design Guide

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Best Candidate for OSE

  • Usable power
  • Easy to build
  • Low cost


  • 500W, 2500 RPM - brushless DC, includes ESR circuit design. 73% efffucient.
  • I don't see why this simple thing would not be fully functional and immediately workable with the plastic shredder. I am amazed at the small size for the power output. The guy who designed this is pretty sharp.
  • The Halbach array one is one option (see 3D Printed Electric Motor) - but the AmazingDIYprojects one seems to be 1/3 the cost and 2x lower weight. Seems like $30 for the mechanical parts.
  • Lends itself well to 3D printing.
  • Looks completely competitive with off-shelf professional motors - minus some efficiency. But not bad for first functional prototype.

Working Doc