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Introduction - Timely

Technical Advisory Board


Standard Procedure

  1. Contact
  2. See FAQ on OSE. We have a FAQ for Agriculture, Open Source Hardware, CEB Press, Tractor, Factor e Farm, OSE as the Organization, Fundraising, Production, Replication, about the Founder, Collaborative Development, Collaborative Production, Extreme Manufacturing via the Open Source Microfactory Model, Chapters, and Distributive Enterprise.
  3. See our Media Package, which includes general copy on our work. Link, and high resolution media. Link.
  4. After viewing the above, you are free to submit a set of written questions.
  5. OSE staff can field questions, and if an interview is required with the Founder, that may be arranged.



CAD People

Format Conversions - take Solidworks into Sketchup.

  • Sketchup background and RTL (Request to Learn)

Shattering the Uselessness Avatar

  • OSE is a learning organization - that means with 2 hours of learning, you can begin contributing. We need to keep people accountable to this - as our first entry in the door.
  • Sketchup Test 1 and 2 - for CAD


  • We are currently developing standards

General How Do I get involved if I have no technical Skills

Video, Animation, Art, Graphics

Story Telling, Script Writing