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Cold Saw

Export Cold Saw CAD into FreeCAD readable.

Download source CAD and supporting files: File:Coldsaw.zip. Note that all part files + overall assy are available, but only in Solidworks (old work prior to FreeCAD as OSE's standard). Useful work here would involve exporting files to FreeCAD readable STEP.

Hint: Fusion 360 appears to have a Solidworks importer. From there, do a STEP export. [1]. Fusion 360 8s free for personal use, but only works with Windows 7 or newer or Mac OSX 10.13 or newer - [2]

3D Printers

  1. STEAM Camp 2020 Microtasks
  2. D3D Pro zip file of print gcode
  3. CNC Torch Table v19.10 zip file of print gcode

3D Printing Microtasks

  1. The Embassy Elf test print
  2. 3D Printer Benchmarks + post-print analyis and documentaion (ie slice a 3D Benchy , load it to a 3D Printer, See how it does, take some photos)