Engineered Wood Products

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  • Any form of wood composite, which uses cellulose, or larger wood particles and an adhesive (along with other agents if desired) to make a new product
  • Has consistent properties due to this (natural variation / "grain" is removed)
  • Main (relevant) ones are:
  • Also there are more paperlike materials that can technically be used as structual, or in Sandwich Panels
  • Paperboard
  • Main benefit is using paper recycling, wood chips, and other waste to make useful materials
  • Need to look into using rayon as the fiber source (would allow for "upgrading" or chopped up lesser quality fibers, into long continous, high quality fibers)
  • Also need to look into using biologically sourced Binding Agents (thinking lignin, that one bacterial adhesive from that water bacteria (a "superadhesive"), or something else from a bioreactor/digester)

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