Pulp Compression Molding

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  • The use of 3D Printed or CNC Milled Molds to Form Complex Shapes from Cellulosic Pulp (Paper, Cardboard, New Wood, etc) that has been soaked in water, mixed via a blender, and possibly stabalized via a Binding Agent
  • Allows for reuse of short fiber cellulosic waste (Things made from recycled paper that may be too short to reuse in paper etc)
  • Allows for biodegradable and/or combustable objects if the right binding agents are used

Existing Open Source Work

OSE Work

  • 3D Printed Molds
  • CNC Milled Molds
  • Explore the possibility of Pulp Paste FDM 3D Printing

Materials Needed

Pre Processing

Small Scale

  • Utility Knife
  • Scissors
  • Paper Shredder


  • Water
  • Binding Agent
  • Food or Industrial Blender


  • 3d Printed or CNC Milled Molds
  • Explore the use of the printers used for clay to push a pulp with lower water content

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