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  • 16hp - $300 - Duromax, $20/hp


  • 65 HP - $6300 - $100/hp [1]
  • 200 up - $50/HP - $10k - [2]
  • 360 HP Mack used - $10/HP - $3600


Until an open source engine becomes a reality, engine repair is expensive. $50/hr, easily comes to the new engine price for the $300 gas engine.

For the large diesel engine, parts are expensive.

Until the advent of the open source diesel engine, engine costs remain 10x as high as they should be.

Until the OS engine, disposable engines are a suboptimal bit acceptable strategy to keep costs of engine systems low.

Engine Links

  1. Pellet-fired stirling engine buggy - see PDF file
  2. Several links to various engine types including Sterling, Wankel, Steam, etc. [3].