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A hackathon with extensive and tightly-defined architecture for collaboration. The specific goals is creating an Open Source Franchise in 24 hours, by inviting a minimum of 200 people to the event for an equivalent total of 600 human-days of development (2 human years), happening in One Day.

The concept here is to close the loop on high quality, open source product development - creating a viable way for creating Regenerative Livelihoods.

See 24 Hour Collaboration Architecture


We do large-scale development events via remote collaboration. We are working on our first one with 200 people remotely, so we can show that we can develop products for sale in One Day. That takes a bit of energy, which we compress to one day.

Do you want to develop a product in one day? If you can help us gather 100 people to do all the product development/enterprise development roles, then we can spend a day - a 24 hour hackathon - delivering this product.

The 40 steps we take are  https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Template:Dev and https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Template:Enterprise.  There is a total of about 200 steps for a complete productization cycle. There is another 20 steps under Template:Capitalization which includes incentivization of participation.


  • THere is a number of SMEs in the SME category on the wiki, also marked by Sme.png for other SMEs. Clck on the icon so see other pages labeled as such. Searching through Team Culturing and Discourse Introductions will help. See Categories: Collaborators and SMEs

Other internal sources include:

  • We have a Design Sprints email list. Old contacts from all over.
  • Our Kickstarter audience has a couple of thousand supporters - can be used

External Audiences

There is a vibrant open science community available: