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Contact Tom Bamford - t.bamford1 at gmail.com - with a letter of interest and resume.

Proposed organizational structure:

See corresponding blog post

Job Description - Intro

The goal of Open Source Ecology (OSE) is to create an open source economy - an economy that optimizes both production and distribution - while providing environmental regeneration and social justice.

The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) - OSE's current project - is a modular, open source, low-cost, high-performance platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts.

See OSE Enterprise Plan:


Our first step is deployment of the 50 GVCS tools by year end 2012. Our second step is determining whether such a tool set can produce a healthy economy and modern standard of living for a community of Dunbar's number in size. We would like to produce a definitive answer to a pressing question - can technology be used wisely to facilitate low working hours, a modern standard of living, and be free from all types of corruption and instability that plagues our world - all at the same time? Can transcendence of Artificial Material Scarcity lead to the pursuit of higher purpose in the general populace - towards the solution of innumerable global problems? Our approach is creating an Open Source Economy - an economy that optimizes both production and distribution - while providing environmental regeneration and social justice. We believe that the Open Source Economy is a prerequisite for providing people with the type of autonomy (unleashed skill and productive power) that allows the pursuit of mastery (constant learning), consistent with higher purpose (pursuits beyond fear and survival).

Our tactical approach is to build out the 50 GVCS tools as a sound economic base to fund further development. The resulting economic power of these tools is over a trillion dollars, under the assumption that superior products are created via the open source method, and that these products take a 2-3% share of the global economy. We aim to capture some of this value of these developments by providing value and services related to the general spread of the GVCS tools throughout the world. We are also well-opositioned to create value by direct production of the GVCS tools. Our core competency is fostering Distributive Social Entrepreneurship.

We are a global network of entrepreneurs, engineers, builders, farmers, and supporters. We see that the key to economic democracy lies in distributed productive potential, spread throughout the populace. Our tactical platform revolves around developing an open source product development pipeline – with economic significance that produces Distributive Enterprise. Key participants in the OSE experiment are an on-site development team at Factor e Farm, OSE's global headquarters. The Factor e Team is expected to grow to 12 full time, executive developers by year-end 2012. These developers are supported by hundreds of remote collaborators, True Fans, and other supporters who contribute to: our wiki, product design, fabrication, testing, documentation, organizational development. and replication of our technology for private use and for enterprise startup. 

Our current challenge is building a team. This team includes executive capacity that blends the power of a learning organization with the paradigm of Open.

We are currently prioritizing the search for a Projects Director (see initial blog post) and Executive Director.

Job Description

The role of the executive director is:

  • The primary role of this position is to establish best management practices for the entire OSE operations. This person will collaborate with the Founder to evolve written procedures and practices that give structure and guidance to every person and position in the organization.
  • This person shall ensure that all financial and fiduciary procedures are enacted. They will oversee the accountant position.
  • This person will assist the Founder in designing work roles and procedures for the campus and virtual sites so that production is efficient and on-time for the entire operation.
  • This person will assist the Founder in recruiting and may interview candidates in the absence of the Founder. (no hiring, however)
  • This person shall assist the Founder in designing and implementing communication and decision making that is consistent with the OSE vision.
  • This person will provide assistance to line staff in establishing their internal departmental controls and communications.
  • This person will also act as a mentor to the Founder as this organization takes shape.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Support the Founder in establishing procedures so that work is efficiently undertaken.
    • Provide on-site leadership when the Founder is absent.
    • Assist with recruiting.
    • Oversee the daily financial transactions and prepare a monthly report for the Founder.
    • Offer conflict resolution advice to the Founder or line staff with their subordinate staff.
  • Deliverables (Promises/Work Product)
    • Produce a clear and concise organizational plan for all OSE personnel and production.
    • Establish legal and efficient financial operations in writing that sustain work and maintain morale.
    • Provide (in writing) feedback for change to Founder from observations of OSE operations quarterly.
    • Manifest a total commitment to ethical character and professional deportment towards all staff and the public.

Contact Tom Bamford - t.bamford1 at gmail.com - with a letter of interest and resume.