Expanding on the OSE Vision

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Expanding on the OSE Vision

Open, inclusive collaboration in enterprise, adjusted to the global level, implies that for the first time in history, noobody need be left behind. Because existing technology since 2010 allows us to do so. People are liberated from having to make a living - to pursuing their dreams. Without material constraints, survival, or the reptilian brain of scarcity and fear getting in the way. People become esteemed, integrated humans who no longer steal from others, kill, or otherwise barbarian their way through life. It is the paradise that religions have predicted, but it's delivery requires responsibility and discipline - the opposite of dependence and consumerism taught in the school of life today.

We believe firmly that another way of life is possible, with liberty for all, not some. Where unlimited opportunity and a level playing field are the ideal, where transparency and sound governance of everything encourages people to have hope. Where open access to best practice design of products, economics, and institutions allows the world to thrive when everyone has full opportunity to become the best that they can be.

That - my friends - is the world of open, collaborative design, open enterprise culture - and the discipline of fearlessness to get there - a mindset of abundance that allows us to entertain in the first place - that there is enough for everyone. That is the OSE Way.


The implications of open, inclusive development are significant.

Why can we not collaborate globally so that every human enterprise is optimized - from business to education to governance and everything in between? There are huge forces - of certain people who don't want it to be that way. It is our dury to eradicate this darkness from the face of the earth. Not by violence, but by collaboration and inclusion. But how, with frozen conflicts between democracy and theocracy, North Korea, et al?

The answer is in principle simple. Stop interfering, provide good tools and knowhow to everyone - open source the technology base - root out corrupt institution everyone - from downright shit governments with no balance of power - to incentives for evil - and increase incentives for the good.

But the first requirement is that we all check out, and into financial independence - so we do what is right - not what our employer tells us. It means liberating outlr time to think about the greater good - evolving as humans.

Getting There

To get there, we must first eradicate artificial scarcity as the base, so people can gain a basic standard of living. We must open up the economy - so best practice comes to light. This now introduces the possibility of rapid learning of merit - instead of hazing or paying one's dues in hierarchical or proprietary systems. This sets us up for the pursuit of higher ideals - of excellence, performance, balance, psychosocial integration on the societal global scale - instead of struggle for survival, protectionism, or war. The choice is clearly ours, but few make the choice to transition from good enough to great.

This is a personal choice. Everyone can learn. We are a community dedicated to lifelong learning - for solving pressing world issues.

We need the humility to understand that all human invention is just a set of small steps on the mountain of all combined human knowledge. Then we can stand on the shoulders of Giants - grateful that we have been presented already with unimaginable wealth of ideas and practice - so we can give forth of our own work to prop up future generations to unimaginable heights. This humility - is the essence of open source.

This we believe in.

We believe in transformation throughout. To higher ideals, excellence, power, and glory - of open collaboration where everyone has a fair chance, and the natural outcome is liberty for all.

Subvision 1

  • OSE envisions a world where everyone can thrive because they uncovered their agency to build the world around them with unlimited possibility.

Tactical 1

  • Where tools, machines, food, housing is open source so that mass attainment of financial independence occurs in Financial Autonomous Zones - a special economic zone where open sector enterprise provides all services efficientlyby virtue of enlightened self-interest. The promise of the enlightened self-interest was delivered without slavery, theft (from others and nature), murder, or other coercion.