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OSE builds 3D printers and tractors in one day, and 1400 square foot houses in 5 days - via its Extreme Manufacturing build events:


Extreme Builds are an immersive experience of group-based, swarm builds where ambitious products and infrastructure projects are prototyped in short times as a collaborative effort of dozens to hundreds of people. These events may in general last from days to weeks.

XM Workshops are one day or weekend extreme builds of machines, heavy machines, or 5 day builds of houses - based on Extreme Manufacturing techniques. OSE is pioneering 1 day builds of heavy machines and other complex products such as 3D printers. We believe that popular engagement in production activity will rise in the future as part of the Experience Economy. We believe further that distributing wealth relies on distributing production - and the ultimate distribution of production takes the form of an open source microfactory in every community.

People have a deep hunger for being essentially productive - and the experience of production is a deep way to satisfy that need. Plus, automation and new techniques are continuously lowering the barriers to such activity. Globally-developed open source design and automation makes it possible - for the first time in history - to bring production of just about anything back to the community scale. Appropriate technology can become a reality in the digital age.


The One Day or Extreme Manufacturing business model can take many forms of engaging the public in open source produc:

  • Extreme Manufacturing Workshops - Standard 1 or fed day builds, where people either participate in immersion hands-on production, or take afinished product home with them. This is a revenue model that OSE has proven. to yeld about
  • OSE Clubs - we can connect efficient builds with development teams in schools and universities. The OSE model is to spend a lot of time in design and rapid prototyping - which can take place in multiple locations around the world - and then do a rapid build. The rapid build enables design challenges to happen in one day build events. Picture a large number of team collaborating on a design over a quarter or semester - and then doing a number of builds in an arena where all the teams come together and compete for the best build in a supportive, fun-filled environment. This is like FIRST robotics, except with an emphasis on useful design for solving pressing world issues.
  • Incentive Challenges - using platforms such as HeroX - the Extreme Manufacturing model enables activity similar to OSE Clubs - except that the focus is not on distributed school clubs - but distributed individuals. The incentives can be designed for maximizing collaboration. The actual submission is a build at a place-based competition - such as an arena where teams or individuals build their thing in One Day. The design could be such that we let contributors self-organize - such that teams are built - and people form groups that then meet in a physical location.
  • Professional Development - continuing education credits can be bundled into 1, 2, and 3 day builds, with a target audience of educators and librarians.
  • Team Building - The ability to build impressive, useful, large things is useful for team building exercises - such as corporate team building retreats.
  • Education Mix - An excellent opportunity arises in combining OSE Clubs, Extreme Manufacturing Workshops, and Professional Development in one. The professional development could center around gaining the collaborative literacy for advising an OSE Club at a school, where an invited lecture with Marcin kicks off the event. Students need staff mentors/advisors for ensuring program continuity. Teams could form in schools and compete in incentive challenges. The Extreme Manufacturing Worskhops can be combined with 2 or 3 day program for getting educators up to speed on collaborative development and FreeCAD-based product design - so that they could serve as effective mentors for OSE Clubs. Professional Education training and Extreme Manufacturing Workshops can be used to generate the funding for the OSE Club development. If this can scale, then a significant open source product development effort can be created in schools alone. Because OSE techniques are designed to minimize entry barriers to design and builds by using open source tools and low cost construction sets - this has the potential to grow and shift the world of design to design for the common good as the default.

Revenue Model

To scale such events, we need to make them replicable and self-sustaining. We have demonstrated an Extreme Build revenue model, where participants sign up for the workshop, and a client pays for the product. The details of this arrangement vary upon the product. Currently, we are developing an immersion training program where we teach and certify OSE Fellows to run such workshops in different parts of the world. The revenue milestones that we have reached are described at the end of the Open Source Leadership Summit Presentation of 2018.


We are promoting widespread replication of this business model by facilitating replication of Extreme Manufacturing builds. For this, we are streamlining all the processes involved, such that it takes one day to prepare a workshop, a day to market it, and another day to run it. See 2 Day XM Workshop Execution.

Builds by Other Entities

  • China builds a hospital for 1000 in 10 days - [1]