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The methodology of the Extreme Enterprise Model revolves around publishing a comprehensive manual. The manual refers to and is supported by copious prototyping, plus enabling hardware and software tools.

The Manual can be an organizing point for a project of large scope, if the goal is to make this enterprise distributive, scalable, and replicable.

Thus, the content that we generate is intended to be generative. First, we educate people rapidly. Second - we lay out problem statements of outstanding issues and possibilities - to expand the index of possibilities and generate further involvement. Effectively, the contents can serve as job descriptions and project plans.

This expansive and inclusive nature of the work is a significant value proposition - and it generates further interest - at the same time that it provides the knowledge regarding action points and points of development.


The XE Book serves multiple purposes:

  1. Clear organizational point regarding the content outcome of an Extreme Enterprise event.
  2. Extended manual for enterprise startup
  3. Provides some material for a shiny, popular version of the book - the Coffee Table book as promised in the 2016 OBI Kickstarter. Enlist a publisher as one of the participant-clients.
  4. First in a save the world series of manuals for Movement Entrepreneurs. The intent is a serious work on solving a major world issue by collaboration, and always only the beginning. Solving Pressing World Issues Book Series.
  5. Gamification for solving pressing world issues - the gamified version leverages the sit-on-ass industry to solve a pressing world issue by developing the most effective way to build a house in a game environment.

Table of Contents

The nature of the work is an enterprise blueprint, for techniques applicable to other pressing world issues. The model of change involves a proven technology baseline, and ambitious raise-the-bar add-ons of solar hydrogen for the related energy and transportation parts.

Part 1: Technology

  1. Introduction: Housing Without Debt
  2. Open Source Ecology
  3. Open Building Institute
  4. How to Design a House - 160 pages of OBI material
  5. Seed Home Design Overview: walking through foundation, floor, walls, roof, utilities, and expandability with design rationale.
  6. Modular Breakdown of the Seed Home
  7. The FreeCAD House Design Workbench
  8. The Sweet Home Design Library: designs and renderings in Sweet Home.
  9. Seed Home Technology: Foundation and Helical Piles
  10. Foundation and Pile Calculations and Calculators
  11. Smart Home - Open Source Energy Monitor and Power Automation
  12. Floors
  13. Walls
  14. Roof
  15. Utilities
  16. Interior Utility Panel
  17. Exterior Utility Panel
  18. PV System
  19. Temperate Zone Biodigester
  20. Landscaping - Edible Landscape of Perennial Polyculture
  21. Aquaponic Greenhouse Add-On
  22. 3D Printing for Construction - reducing cost further with a large-scale 3D Printer Infrastructure for producing Building Materials from Waste
  23. Appendix A: The Solar Hydrogen Homestead: a house that produces all its energy and recycles all of its waste.
  24. Appendix B: The Solar Car

Part 2: Collaborative Design and Build

  1. Diving into Modular Breakdown: agile, modular scrum and collaboration architecture for Product and Enterprise, culminating with Extreme Enterprise
  2. Efficiency and Effectiveness: What is integrated efficiency and why is it important? Product vs Project. Iron Triangle. Point efficiency vs systems efficiency.
  3. Toolchain Degeneracy: Tapping Raw Collaborative Power in Software and Hardware
  4. OSE Linux 101 - Why OSE Linux?
  5. Sweet Home 101
  6. Sweet Home 3D Part Library and Modifications - How to Build the Seed Home v2 in Rapid Time
  7. FreeCAD 101
  8. OBS 101
  9. Kdenlive 101
  10. FreeCAD Part Library and Modifications
  11. FreeCAD Spreadsheets for Generating BOMs
  12. FreeCAD Design Workbench for the Seed Home: Crash Course on the Design Workbench
  13. House Design Software - FreeCAD Spreadsheets
  14. Module Breakdown of Technology Dev
  15. Module Breakdown of Enterprise Dev
  16. Role Breakdown of Technology Dev
  17. Role Breakdown of Enterprise Dev
  18. Designing Extreme Build Workflows - for both solo, 2 person, and large team. Tricks for each.
  19. Custom Design of Seed Home in FreeCAD - refined instructional condensing 20 videos from G Log
  20. Large Scale Development: CAD-BOM-Build-Icons.

Part 3: Enterprise

  1. 40 house models
  2. The 100 Collaborative Enterprise Design Icons
  3. The OSE Model of Change and Product Strategy: Increase everyone's ability to be productive, and transform the economy.
  4. OSE/OBI Brand Seed Home website - template if you want to start your own
  5. OSE/OBI certification - Training Requirements and
  6. Movement Entrepreneurship in a Box: OSE Chapters and collaborative design for solving Pressing World Issues. Understanding the Sociology of Evil: if you disempower, despots tend to provide solutions.
  7. Enterprise Blueprints: Planning the Integrated Distributive Enterprise for Housing: Education, Production, Machines, Crowdsourcing, Outsourcing Fabrication, In-House Fabrication, Collaboration Strategy Recruiting, Marketing, Expanding Scope, Funding
  8. The Extreme Enterprise Model
  9. Finances: Revenue Model, Budgets, and Revenue Projections. Reducing the prep phase. Funding the enterprise through a short prep phase.
  10. Building an on-demand production team. Recruiting 101. Local and online resources for recruiting builders or construction workers, and related costs. European gig economy. Finding craft producers. Finding and hiring a Production Manager, and hiring a Product Manager. Hiring video production. Hiring crowdfunding assistance: HeroX, Crowd Supply, and Kickstarter.
  11. Contracts: how to make clear agreements.
  12. Operations: production facility for part prep, assembly, and shipping, multipurpose Microfactory. Applications to houses and 3D Printers.
  13. Production Management - how to train your Production Manager.
  14. Production Engineering - detailed time analysis of steps
  15. The Product Manager: taking the product out of your hands so you can lead.
  16. Managing Incentives and Risk - motivating participants for collaboration and creating structures for continued development.
  17. Building a web page for your Distributive Enterprise: ride on someone else's platform, install your own on Hetzner unmanaged server
  18. Video production: the open source video studio, and filming infrastructure. The Perfect Film Formula
  19. The Heavyweight Campaign: combining the HeroX Incentive Challenge (large 4-head printer + plastic recycling), Crowd Supply (high T printer), Kickstarter (book), and Extreme U (energy).
    1. Kickstarter Organization -
    2. Incentive Challenge Organization - for assisting in the campaign upon launch. 3D Printer. Generic Incentive Challenge rules for collaboration.
    3. Crowd Supply Campaign - revenue funds product development for this. High Temperature Printer - making all types of parts. High T printer is also part of large 3D printer. Initial high T prototype is built in late 2020.
    4. Extreme U campaign - raising the bar at the University
  20. The Helical Pile Production Enterprise
  21. The 3D Printed Construction Products Enterprise
  22. Construction Management
  23. Site assessment for buildings. Soil, site features, weather.
  24. Sourcing land - Websites and resources. How to assess land. How to buy land. Distributed financing through loans and co-funding agreements. Distributed land trust creation.
  25. Organizing Extreme Build Events to complete builds in rapid time.
  26. Managing a construction crew from 1-100 people.
  27. Understanding BOM Substitution
  28. Design Modifications for the Seed Home: Shape. Number of stories. Layout. Interior walls. Appliance choices. Digester integration. PV integration. Utility routing from connection points.
  29. How to Handle Your Building Department. Building Package for Your Building Department. Engineering.
  30. Beautification - lanscaping, planters, patios, trellises, overhangs, and other featuers. The art of adapting design to a specific Owner-Builder
  31. Regulatory Climate Map - a map of locations and explanations regarding zoning, inspection schedules
  32. Mapping the Supply Chains of Building Materials
  33. The Open Source Materials Production Facility: CEB, straw infill, lumber, 3D printed plumber, solar concrete, rebar, strawboard, 3D printed wikihouse plumber, 3D printed house panels, rock, pervious walkways and driveways, concrete, hydrogen, paint, stain.
  34. The One Week Swarm Build Curriculum - standardized curriculum for 5 day swarm builds, and custom modules. This is for the purpose for any swarm build that is declared for OBs under certain circumstances.
  35. Custom Design and Audit - Seed Home Entrepreneur publishes custom design. OSE assures quality by verifying the design - specifically - does the BOM match the new design. For this BOM automation is necessary, and an easy algorithm for custom design BOM generation needs to be created. Here's the algorithm and process.
  36. Remote quality control techniques - how to effectively oversee the quality control of an OB's build. Apps and software for remote quality control from Google Drive, FB, and Fieldsight
  37. Automating BOM and Building Package delivery from Custom Design of Seed Home in FreeCAD
  38. Solar Concrete

Part 4: R&D

  1. 50 machines, 500 modules, 100 tools, 100 architecture symbols, 100 landscape icons
  2. Power Cubes, Universal Frames, Universal Axis, and Universal Controller - build any machine.
  3. 3D printed helical piles
  4. Open source hot dip galvanizing
  5. 3D printed building materials from waste plastic
  6. Production engineering - time calculations for 3DP parts and multiple print heads. Facility design and economics with an open source PV-run facility.
  7. High Temperature 3D printing
  8. CNC Sawmill
  9. CNC lumber cutoff saw
  10. Open Source Tractor
  11. Remote Control Tractor
  12. Autonomous Foundation + Pond Digging Tractor
  13. Autonomous Afforestt Digging Backhoe + shredder + spreader
  14. 3D Printed electric motors
  15. Open Source Nickel Iron Batteries
  16. Solar Hydrogen
  17. Open Source PV Manufacturing - solves for open production of PV
  18. Open source stabilized soil printer
  19. Solar Carbon Neutral Concrete Production
  20. Universal Reconfigurable Machining Center with CNC Saws, torch, mill, drill, lumbermill, router, and 3D printer. 8'x8'x8' stackable modules.
  21. 3D printed wind turbine. Hugh Piggott + Waste to Wind.
  22. Pumped Hydro Storage.
  23. Open source inverter
  24. Shredder and Filament Maker

Part 4: Going Wild

  1. 3D Printed Wind Turbine
  2. Experimental Solar Hydrogen System
  3. PV System with Open Source Inverter, Charger, and Nickel Iron Batteries. See Battery Recycling.
  4. Aquaponic Greenhouse
  5. Cluster development scaling to 3 stories.
  6. Wireless Heavy Quimmit - remote control assist with geofencing
  7. AI House Designer