Battery Recycling

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  • This page goes over the Recyclability of various Battery Chemistries, what the recycling process entails, and how this applies to OSE's efforts

Battery Chemistries

Alkaline Batteries / Zinc–Carbon Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries - 97% of them are recycled and they appear to be more environmentally and socially friendly that lithium ion batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Nickel Metal Hydrate / NiCAD Batteries

Sodium Ion Batteries

  • Probably Similar to Lithium Ion Battery Processing

Flow Batteries

Iron-Air Flow Battery

Organic Redox Flow Battery

  • May be similar to Iron-Air Flow Battery (Perhaps may have degradation issues similar to Dye Lasers thus need more frequent fluid swaps?

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

  • ?

Polysulfide Bromide Flow Battery

  • ?

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