Extreme Learning

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Extreme Learning may be defined as effective, rapid, cross-disciplinary, experiential, applied, immersive learning.


Like Extreme Manufacturing, Extreme Education pushes the limits of education to hands-on, immersive, integrated, applied learning towards entrepreneurial goals. As with Extreme Manufacturing, the goals are based on collaborative, open source techniques.

Extreme Education is immersion education where clients are put in an immersive environment linking pedagogy with Extreme Manufacturing. Those applications are directly related to economic significance and economic production - via collaborative, open source product development. The goal is to democratize innovation, and innovation at the end of the day must be related to economic productivity that allows people to transcend artificial scarcity and emerge to full self-determination. This is based on the principles of agency in Self-Determination Theory.

Thus, STEM, STEAM, and STREAM are enhanced by immersion in the additional element of Extreme Manufacturing and Extreme Learning. Thus, continuing the STEM phraseology and the nearly worn-out letter X from STREAM to XSTREAM - or Extreme STEAM.