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To manage expectations and facilitate a healthy and efficient working and living environment, all visitors to FeF must review the following community standards:

About Maysville, Missouri

Maysville (1000 population) is a small, rural town with basic conveniences: Baker's True Value (a small but very well-equipped hardware store) grocery store, Dollar General, Casey's gas station, BBQ stand. FeF is approximately 2 miles south of Maysville. For more information see Maysville, MO City Data.

  • Cameron, MO (10k population) is 15 miles south east of Maysville and has fast food, farm supply, hardware stores, Wal-Mart, and motels.
  • Saint Joseph, MO (100k population) is 36 miles west of Maysville and has most commercial conveniences of a small metropolis
  • Kansas City, MO (2M population) is 65 miles south of Maysville and has conveniences of a metropolis as well as attractions and entertainment

Work week

The standard work week at OSE is a 40 hour work week. Standard time is Mon-Fri, from 9:00am to 6:00pm with 1 hour of personal time for lunch or other. If the work week extends into the weekend, the Product Lead will designate compensatory time off. Some DPVs choose to work more than 40 hours per week to maximize their “experience” and exposure to different challenges. This is a choice and is up to each person's discretion, but compensatory time off is strongly encouraged due to the intense nature of the Factor e Farm experience.

Work Expectatons

See the Dedicated Project Visit page for more information about the application process.

DPVs receive work day direction from the Product Lead. Official work discussion takes the form of a Daily Standup. A Scrum Board is used to allocate tasks every work day - where tasks are put on every day under these columns: Backlog, Task in Progress, or Done. Items are posted on the Scrum Board, and virtually on Scrumy. Items are moved from the backlog to the In Progress column - and only these are to be discussed in the Daily Standup. See Scrum page for an intro video on the scrum project management technique.

Any issues regarding infrastructure can be posted at the Infrastructure Improvement Form]. All materials or tools needs related to the workshop and prototyping can be posted on the Workshop page. Any contentious issues that do not require resolution on the same day are to be relegated to dinnertime discussion, or placed in the backlog as potential action items. OSE Staff have final authority.


  • When receiving mail, include “Open Source Ecology” in the “To” line with “ATTN:” to your name.
  • Use the following addresses, depending upon your chosen mail service carrier:
    • USPS: Open Source Ecology, ATTN: (your name), PO Box 442, Maysville, MO 64469
    • UPS/Fed Ex: Open Source Ecology, ATTN: (your name), 909 Willow Rd, Maysville, MO 64469

DPV Meals

OSE will stock Basic Food Items for everyone. The DPV will cover any for any other food or special dietary requirements.

Examples of easy to prepare "family-style" dinner meals can be found at the Recipes page.

DPV Travel

OSE Staff is available to pick up and drop off DPVs as far as Kansas City. This includes Kansas City International Airport (MCI).


Hablab is a dorm style facility with a 5 shared bedrooms, a single bathroom with individual showers, a washer and dryer, and a living and work space. OSE's office is located in Hablab. Hablab is an early structure, built with the CEB Press.

HabLab standards and cleaning

  • Outside shoes are not to be worn in HabLab. A shoe rack is available for shoe storage and house slippers.
  • DPVs are expected to keep HabLab clean.
  • DPVs are expected to not leave personal items strewn in living and working spaces.


The kitchen is equipped with a stove top, toaster oven, refrigerator, microwave oven, crock-pot, pots/pans, and other commonly used small cooking utensils.

  • DPVs are expected to keep the kitchen clean.
    • Food storage outside the kitchen is prohibited. Individual cupboard are available to store sealed dry food.
    • Dishes must be washed immediately after use.
    • Kitchen counters and stove must be wiped down after use.
    • Food must not be washed down the sink. A compost bucket is provided.


The bathroom is co-gender, both male and female use the same facility. A closed bathroom door signals that the bathroom is in use. Knock to verify that the bathroom is in use.

  • DPVs are expected to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.
  • Do not leave personal items in the showers.


The bedrooms are equipped with 1-3 twin beds, each with a (washed) mattress cover. If you are unable to share a bedroom, inform the Technical Community Manager (TCM) prior to accepting an offer as a DPV.

  • DPVs are expected to keep bedrooms clean and tidy.


Hablab and Workshop are equipped with free wifi.


The land line is (816) 449-1239

Recycling and Trash

  • Recycling bins are available for paper, metal, glass and plastics.
  • DPVs are responsible for taking out the trash prior to Thursday morning pick up.


See Factor e Farm Workshop Guidelines


Park in front of the Workshop. When unloading items, temporary parking is permitted in front of the Hablab. Street parking is not permitted by the city of Maysville.


The smoking area is behind HabLab. Use of a butt can, provided near the smoking area, is mandatory. Smoking will not be permitted, should cigarette butts be found on FeF grounds.



Northern MO has a continental climate. This includes extreme heat and winter weather conditions (snow/ice). We are in an area prone to tornadoes.

What to bring to FeF

  • Steel-toed boots (required) - notify us if you do not have steel-toed boots, OSE may be able to provide a loaner pair
  • OSE provides some bedding/pillows, please check with us.
  • Towel and personal toiletries
  • House slippers or socks
  • Work gloves, earplugs, protective eye wear
  • Laptop & scrolling mouse for Sketchup, if doing 3D modeling
  • Camera or camera phone recommended for documentation purposes
  • Flashlight
  • Long pants and sleeved shirts for the workshop