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Factor e Home Team Campaign

Why we need volunteers

We need people to work on GVCS projects.

Joseph example, people and project acceleration.

You are part of a bigger project.


BYOH means either bring your own home (a mobile home/camper/van/SUV/car/etc) or build your own home.

Why do you need to bring or build your own home?

We need infrastructure technology to build homes, and we need people to build the infrastructure, but people need homes to live in while developing the infrastructure.

Don't have a camper?

Bring your own camper.

Local campers you can buy and we will move it here.

Volunteer economic model

Volunteer Psychology

Social Ecology

This is an experiment with a very serious goal: demonstrate the quality of life. a culture of documentation. Live off the land, or work related to GVCS development. Or transition into these. Keep it clean. Everyone cooks, everyone learns how to cook. Everyone learns agriculture. Ongoing program of computer and technological literacy.

Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a goat, chinampa, chickens, etc.

What it's like at Factor e

Who is already at Factor e

See the Core Team Members category.