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Introduction to Sesssion

See more information about True Fans and True Fans Hangouts.

Etherpad for notes: http://piratepad.net/4uv5gbdCAW

Theme: Building the OSE Community and Working Teams

The past years of collaboration have been amazing, and we want to continue in 2015 with a fresh focus on our Global Community. In 2011 we hit the global stage with an overwhelming response from the world. See Blog Post on 4 year review - http://opensourceecology.org/ose-4-year-review/. Through that process we have learned a great deal about managing a lot of moving parts and people. Like any organization, growth can be good, but also challenging when experiencing rapid growth. Now that we have finally slowed down from an overflow of Extreme Build workshops and interns, we are regrouping to develop our organization to absorb all the energy that is coming to us. This month we have begun forming Working Teams to stir OSE's large, latent community back into action.

The main desirable outcomes for this year revolve around improving our development method drastically - especially in terms of how we bring in new people and create team ecologies for effective development - and doing a final release of the CEB Press. Read more about our plans for the CEB Press Distributive Enterprise - http://opensourceecology.org/open-source-hardware-enterprise-model-distributive-enterprise/.

As we shift to build community for increasing the rate of completing the GVCS - we are starting a number of Working Teams. These are: Development Method Working Team - to refine the development method to make our documentation useful, forkable, and able to be built upon. Graphics Working Team - to develop a pattern language of icons related to open hardware development. Community Development Working Team - to attract, train, and involve existing and new contributors by leveraging to greater open source hardware community. IT/Web Working Team - to reorganize the forum and wiki to handle a larger amount of traffic for the long term. Business Strategy Working Team - to develop revenue-generating enterprise models that OSE developers can use to support development. In particular on Enterprise Development: CEB Press Working Team - do develop the CEB Press distributed production enterprises. 3D Printer Working Team - to develop an Extreme Manufacturing (replicable weekend) workshop for producing 24 3D printers with high quality control function. Aquaponics Greenhouse Working Team - to develop a replicable enterprise model for an 800 square foot aquaponics greenhouse for a family of four, scalable to a production system that achieves $1/sf/week production value. Tractor Construction Set Working Team - to develop the tracked microtractor, tractor, bulldozer, and backhoe for our September Permaculture Design Course - where we finally debut with our heavy equipment in regenerative agriculture action.

On other fronts, I am excited to be speaking at the Permaculture Voices Conference next week, and I aim to come back having recruited key contributors to the Aquaponics Greenhouse Working Team - which will transition to a generalized open enterprise model for a highly replicable production CSA. This CSA is intended to be the basis for our work in regenerative agriculture, funding producers who develop this package fully.

Pirate Pad Notes

Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

Welcome to the True Fans Hangout

Matthew Andrews - ask Yestermorrow if they can assist

Hello! I will talk to Scott Kellogg and Keith Morris about a design for aquaponics. They taught a weekend class at Yestermorrow that included aquaponic design. - MA

Can't hear you guys, are you still there?

Jeff - Still here

Marcin, I am very interested in the idea of some type of schema that maps virtual to physical Sorry, mic is out Documentation, are there RFCs/ISO standards, it seems that things are extremely fractured when it comes to product documentation and file formats

both for production and qc Exactly. Can you join our Development Process WOrking group?

Sure, the time difference is a little painful but as long as I can get advance notice Where are you located?http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/January_2015

Stuttgart, Germany Ok, we'll make it in the morning - 7 hr difference?

youre at CST? Yes

Jeff, what is your email?

3D Printer working group - Andrew