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True Fans Hangout - 2015

True Fans Hangouts are special invitation meetings with OSE's True Fans where the Founder discusses the latest developments on OSE for those community members who like to keep abreast of the latest progress. We use both the OSE Hangout (for text and screen-share, no voice, so please mute yourself) and the Conference Call line.

Discussion and feedback follows. To become a True Fan, subscribe here. Other benefits of becoming a True Fan are 25% Discounts to OSE Workshops and an invitation to visit Factor e Farm.

Hangouts for True Fans will occur monthly at 6 PM CST - USA Time - every last Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

We will use a conference call-in line for speaking, a Google Hangout, and an Etherpad for notes. Voice will happen over the call-in line - allowing a large number of people to participate. The Google Hangout (limited to 10 people) will be used only for video and text. The hangout details for joining will be sent out a few minutes before the Hangout.

We will record the call for those True Fans who cannot make it to the meeting.

Please wear headphones so that the sound quality is improved and background noise is eliminated. If you are using the Hangout - please mute yourself.


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Past Hangouts

  • May 2015 - Leadership Development
  • April 2015 - Open Source Community Collaborations
  • March 2015 - Development Techniques
  • February 2015 - Building the OSE Community and Working Teams
  • January 2015 - The Year of the Development Method
  • November 2014
  • October 2014
  • August 2014
  • July 2014 - Velocar Workshop and MicroHouse 3
  • June 2014 - Workshops Results
  • May 2014 - A Revenue Model for the Open Source Economy
  • April 2014 - Production Workshop Results - By now, we have had our first real Extreme Production Brick Press and Microhouse workshops - with Brick Press workshop starting on Friday the 25th - and where we are attempting to teach others to replicate these workshops. What are we learning? Can we bootstrap fund and scale the project by virtue of workshop earnings? What is required to make this successful? Can we use such earnings to take our project development to warp speed? How do we create an enterprise model where we train people to run workshops to fund further R&D on the machines?
  • March 2014 - Documentation for Viral Replication - Can our documentation become clear enough, and our products sufficiently robust - that we attain hundreds of replications by the end of 2014? What will it take to achieve this point? We will discuss our learnings and what we are doing to make our goals of viral replication happen. Update: Workshops - moving forward, and preparation for the Summer of Extreme Design/Builds at Factor e Farm.
  • February 2014 - Towards 1000 Development Hours Per Week - By leveraging University relationships from the College Tour, we aim to achieve 1000 development hours per week by the end of 2014. Can we get there? What are the challenges and opportunities? To date, we have not reached the 1000 hour mark - maybe 400 at most - but when we do - are we really achieving a prototyping rate of 1 machine per month?
  • January 2014 - Beyond Nonprofit Funding - In the first True Fans Hangout of the year, we will discuss our learnings on funding - and what it takes to grow a social good project when we give all of our information away. We are working on workshops and revenue generation for OSE to become self-sustaining as an organization - by using a production model combined with education - where our real product is education. After years of product development, our products are reaching a stage where they are robust enough to function reliably under difficult field conditions. We have already put several production workshops on our schedule - Microhouse Builds, Brick Press Builds, Tractor Builds - and we are offering a special attendance discount to our True Fans. To run successful 3-5 day workshops - we are bringing the production time down to a single day - for each of our machines. What is the key to achieving financial self-sustainability via production workshops? How do we maintain all of our information absolutely free? What are the limits to the scaling of our method? What do we aim to achieve in our workshops, in addition to production of physical products?
  • August 2013
  • July 2013 - True Fans Platform and True_Fans_Human_Ecology

True Fans Hangouts - 2013

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Notes on Conferencing Software

For a better solution: TeamSpeak

Download: Install and configure "Push-to-speak key": Click here to automatically open TeamSpeak, enter server password and enter the Portuguese room that I offer for your use: ts3server://

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