February 2017

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Mon February 27, 2017

OSE Development team progress and tracking. FreeCAD badge.

Best Practice Update: all documents should be made are global open edit instead of select member open edit. Global open edit scales to dozens of developers, the latter doesn't.

  • Jonathan- Print and assemble all axis - Order cuts for frame, Take FreeCAD Test, begin protyping wiring harness
  • Cedric - Extruder + Heat Bed CAD
  • Marcin - build printer
  • Emmanouil - finish axes and overall printer assembly
  • Brian - ?

Mon February 20, 2017

This meeting goes over the basic collaborative practice around the wiki, including modular breakdown and development roadmap:

  • Richard - interview 2 people;Check.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.png
  • Emmanouil - entire frame Check.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.png
  • Jonathan - print axis and help on controller
  • Brian - print axis assembly model. Check.pngCheck.png
  • Marcin - controller diagram Rambo Mini, including the arduino route for lower costCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.png
  • Cedric - RAMPs wiring - Check.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.png

Mon February 6, 2017

  • Emmanouil - generate 3D CAD File of extruder
  • Marcin - get Visual BOM started - calculate price
  • Work as a team as much as possible to increase visible velocity
  • Upload all part files to D3D_Extruder#Part_Files


  • 3D CAD file of Extruder only asssembled
  • vBOM complete - and total price and sourcing available

Next week:

  • integrate into Universal X axis - make OSE Universal Axis interoperable with Prusa i3 rod axis spacing.
  • Prototype full frame + axes, 16" long = next week
  • Work with magnetic attachment as unique value proposition?