Filament Swapping Devices

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  • This page goes over various devices that allow for the swapping of filament in a single nozzle system automatically
  • This page also shows their advantages and disadvantages over other systems such as Multi Nozzle 3D Printers

Off The Shelf Options


  • Uses thermal welding/splicing as well, and thus is less prone to jamming
  • Newest Version Has 4 filament spools per unit
  • Palette

Prusa MMU

  • Newest version uses 5 filament spools per unit
  • Some users say it is prone too jamming (any ways to reduce this (techniques/hardware changes ) ? ) Needs more research
  • Prusa MMU

Existing Open Source Designs

OSE Work


  • Allows for multi color printing
  • Allows for automatic spool changing/swaping
  • Allows for swapping to similar melting point materials
  • Extruder Module takes up less space than Multi Nozzle 3D Printers and thus more printable area per area
  • May allow for some sort of automatic Cleaning Filament use in Print Farms for reliability and reduced downtime?


  • Tends to take up more space (an additional "box" etc)
  • Requires use of a FDM Filament Purge Block
  • May jam
  • May not work with swaps between filaments with a wide difference in melting point

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