Open Source Filament Swapping Device

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Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Infinetly Expandable Cut to Fuse Device Submodule, but main premade designs will be:
    • A Small 2 Filament Module (for on printer mounting/small desks etc)
    • A Large On Desk Style 5 Filament Module
    • A Large "Stackable Modular Printer Enclosure" sized 10 Filament Module
    • The 5 and 10 filament modules could be merged with the Open Source Filament Dry Box
  • Uses the Open Souce Filament Fusing Device
  • Perhaps make some sort of device for print farms that uses this to swap filaments and some sort of other device to swap physical spools for fully automated printing in the Open Source Automated Print Farm

Basic Design




  • Prusa software for cutting, custom fuse program?
  • For slicing multi material prusa slicer perhaps?

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