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- An open source fish trap

Used For

- Recreational Fish Catching

- Substinance Fishing

- Commercial Fishing

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Devices

Slit Box Type

Net Type

Minimum Viable Product

- Complies with all rules + regulations regarding fish traps

- Plastic or metal construction

- Durable

- As light as possible

- Modular

Basic Design

Bait Module

- Most likely 1x

- A mesh bag or container containing old food such as old bread and/or onions

Outer Casing

- Either a PVC pipe, A 3D Printed plastic piece, or a CNC Milled/Torched and welded metal piece


- Most likely 3D Printed

- Consists of a small ring that fits inside of the outer casing, with semi-rigid triangles forming a cone like shape going into the trap

- This prevents fish from escaping the trap

- Size of the inner hole determines the fish size (ie the fish caught will be small enough to fit in, but not small enough they can escape)


See Also

Usefull Links

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