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  • A Design Philosophy that revolves around making the device/system impossible to cause harm by accidental missuse, and also often via mild-active tampering caused via being misinformed about the need for various systems

User:Eric 's neat example the found

  • I'll need to grab the photo from my phone, but they had a ladder at work that had a release button that locked once the ladder was pushed into the "stowed/up" position via a simple inclinde plane+dropoff (don't know the wording)
  • So you couldn't leave the ladder up, to later drop down on someone's head etc via a slight nudge, as it would only "stay put" if you did the safe thing/proper procedure
    • Unlike some sort of latch like those for large wide doors the whole "barn door latch" where you have to manually engage it AFTER the device is already closed/stowed, thus allowing for people in a rush/not caring to leave it in a closed, but unsecure position
  • Was a great design, but also beautifully simplistic
  • No locks, no moving parts, etc, just a slight modification to the shape of some parts

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