FreeCAD Workbench Programming 101

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CAD models are very important in OSE Development. Dedicated FreeCAD workbenches make the creation of CAD models easier, faster and more reliable.

In this video we will show essential steps to create a FreeCAD workbench. The process starts with downloading OSE Linux distribution that includes development and continuous integration capacity in Python, so that new workbenches can be created readily. We go through examples of programmability in FreeCAD:

  1. Using Spreadsheet Workbench to generate CAD
  2. Using the OpenSCAD Workbench to generate geometry
  3. Using FreeCAD Macros
  4. Adding bottons and menus to a toolbar
  5. Creating new workbenches
  6. Creating appimages for quick installation of new workbenches

Rapid learning is achieved by this lesson being prepared in its entirety as a downloadable appimage that anyone can execute


  • How to create macros - See [1]
  • Adding buttons and menus - [2]
  • Creating custom appimages [3]