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Here I(User:Ruslan) explain how to write an abstracts.

Remark: I use mathematical writing style.

I need to write an abstract for a video FreeCAD Programming 101.

Step one – make notes

I watch the video and make notices:

Where to find documentation.

How to setup/adjust view FreeCAD for programming.

Python console Autocompletion

Automatic python modules documentation

freecad homepage

Code itself

FreeCAD Mod Dev Guide

Working Addons

install D3D Printer Workbench Module

Soft link trick

Anatomy of a workbench, which calls are called when workbench is first loaded and a button is clicked. Context menu,

right mouse click.

Recompute trick.

LGPL License

Step two – write a draft

Automation of the CAD-processes can improve the OSE Development process. One of the important tools to achieve this goal is creating of FreeCAD workbenches. In this video we will show essential steps and tricks required to create a workbench. We will setup FreeCAD for development. We we will talk about important documentation sources: Autocompletion, Automatic python modules documentation, homepages, FreeCAD source code, and Addons source code.

As an example, we will create a simple D3D printer Workbench module. This will explain the internal calls in FreeCAD when a workbench is loaded, when the user clicks the toolbar button, and when she uses the context menu. We mention some tricks and insights for how to do this efficiently.

Finally a brief but important note on a FreeCAD license.

Step three – make text easier to read (rewrite, simplify, cut short, rewrite again, ...), keep the essence

CAD models are very important in OSE Development. Dedicated FreeCAD workbenches make the creation of CAD models easier, faster and more reliable. In this video we will show essential steps to create a FreeCAD workbench and provide some tips and tricks. We will set FreeCAD up for development. Then we will go through different important documentation sources: auto-completion, automatic python modules documentation, FreeCAD homepage, FreeCAD source code, Module developer's guide, and source code of FreeCAD add-ons. Then we will install the OSE D3D printer workbench module and explain how it works. Finally, we will briefly talk about source code licensing.

Step four – let someone else proofread your text

It there is no-one else to proofread your text. Read your text yourself a week later.