From Fascism to Inclusion, From Me to We

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Fascism literally refers to a bundle - of 'just us.' It is not inclusive - one of the central themes of OSE.

We are interested in 'we', not 'me me me'.

Fascism is really a 'collective me' - not a collective 'we'.

OSE's approach is inclusive. Practically, this means that we can objectively talk about things in inclusive language. The opposite is exclusive, polarizing language. @ZeroHedge (according to Christo Grozev is a polarizing example. Conspiracy theories are polarizing language - frames in the 'us vs them' language.

In OSE's world, there is no us vs them. We are all in it together. It is not the evil corporation. It is the complex web of interaction where we buy the evil corporation's products. True, we may be ignorant, or preoccupied with life - when we do that.

For example, the horseshoe of radical leftists and rightist is an interesting case. Quoting Grozev, the radical leftists are known as 'useful idiots' who work for free, while the radical rightist have to be paid to spread propaganda.

Propaganda is a highly fascist thing, where we promote one side.

Is it said that we promote 'one side' when we promote inclusion? Doesn't appear to be.

If we promote inclusion- of we are all in it together - then we recognize that we are all useful idiots to some extent - unless our Mental Models are highly refined. So we can include ourselves in the useful idiots category without polarization.

The opposite of inclusion is not exclusion - it's fascism. To bring up fascism appears useful because it shocks us to clarity - whereas 'exclusion' is a nebulous term.

A Black Man Attending KKK Rallies is a great example of inclusion.

These thoughts here are core OSE Culture of exclusion.

By inclusive communication, which certainly reptarts and libtarts are guilty of - we can start bridging gaps. At the same time, this does not mean that we don't use violence to fight violence, like in the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Inclusion is not inconsistent with the fact that the guilty must be punished. The Punisher is a superhero, after all. An approach seeking nonviolence can be very violent. We must resolve all these seeming contradictions as we learn to be Integrated Humans.

Practical Solution

To solve for 'we' - a collaborative mindset - the best solution appears to be banishment. For example, we banish Russia by not buying its oil. Is it as simple as that? Or, stop North Korea by China ending trade with it? Thus, stop trade with China if China doesn't want to banish North Korea? It seems that simple banishment (ie, exclusion from interstate commerce) could be one solution. Or setting up exchange programs for young N. Koreans. How naive is that?

Or, how about buyout? How much would it cost to buy North Korea? Say we have $100B, or one corporation's worth - can we buy North Korea? Is Korea for sale? Sure, we can buy their dictator. This could encourage others to become dictators so they could be bought out, but maybe if executed well, buyout could be a potential solution. Buyouts are accompanied by cultural shift, and isn't a cultural shift what is needed? We can make other significant resource-based offers, where they really question if those offers are for real. Enough creativity here, and we could arrive at a win-win. Outside of being an apparently murderous dictator, I'm sure Mr. Kim just needs some love.

The deep solution, of course, is recreating the economy to abundance, starting with shifting minds towards personal and political transformation to an abundance mindset. In the meantime, drastic measures could be taken. However, there is no free lunch - the process must be one of rebirth over a generation - but that means this is only 20 years. Since there is a 40 year working life, the half-life of the current evil is 40 years - half the lifetime of individuals is the time it would take to gain democratic majority. Since we already have about 50% democracy worldwide, then the time to democratic transition could be about 20 years. This is only through the Distributed Market Substituion of democracy, with democracy being the product.

In 2028, when the GVCS is done, we will have a kernel of new civilization worth a billion a pop. Each new person that can be converted to an integrated human is worth a billion in our books, so only 100,000 such individuals must be educated for a new kind of leadership of elders on earth to substitute for the current state. Starting with a Survey of Everything and topped off with unleashed productivity, we can get to democracy as opposed to soul-crushing. The 20 year timeframe means that by 2048, we will have the next milennium of peace. This timeframe matches predictions for the singularity, slated for around 2045, which must be balanced with integrated humans, else we export evil throughout the universe.