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  • A Machine that Mechanized the Production of Fufu (A doughy food common in West African Cuisine, Mofongo is a related offspring of sorts)
  • Main benefit is the saved labor (especially given the that Women are assigned to the task, it can help them, thus helping to fulfill the Gender Equality Component of the UN Sustainable Development Goals )
    • An Interesting counterpoint to this
      • Comments by User: Eric (May move to the talk section?)
      • While think has some validity in how groups with interest in increasing the (Foreign Owned...) Cash Crop Aspect of Africa's Economy (Re: Neocolonialism ) care more about adapting that "free time" to more Work Hours in a Plantation etc, i think they neglected how not every person may enjoy the labor of cooking, and also one can have Quick Food / Easier Food Production without Creating Fast Food based Food Deserts etc; Post Work not Post-Culture if that makes sense
      • A similar case study would be Rice Machines and Asian Cuisine, or Stand Mixers and Bread
      • Granted this is all for the people themselves and Anthropologists to sort out, and Cultural Relativity applies to an extent i guess

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