Full Build Certification

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  1. Grading land using open source heavy machines or equivalent.
  2. Using and maintaining open source machines (tractor, backhoe, trencher, auger, cherrypicker, forks, power ladder, stump grinder, mulcher, mower) including the ability to use all the implements safely.
  3. Using and maintaining Power Cubes and replacing them on a machine for zero downtime.
  4. Site evaluation, site soil testing, site surveying, site aerial mapping, and site GIS. Surveying and GIS training at collaborating community college.
  5. Site grading with skid steering machine, and site excavation.
  6. Foundation marking and squaring.
  7. Foundation forms installation
  8. Foundation posthole augering
  9. Pre-foundation rough plumbing installation
  10. Concrete work including screeing, floating, troweling, and power trowelling.
  11. Installation of a frost protected footer.
  12. Sill plate installation
  13. Rough concrete polishing to 400 grit
  14. Exterior wall framing
  15. Exterior Door framing
  16. Exterior Window framing
  17. Exterior wall installation including doors and windows
  18. Top plate installation
  19. Floor joists installation
  20. Roof installation - main roof box
  21. Roof installation - rigig foam roof box
  22. EPDM installation on roof
  23. Door installation
  24. Interior door installation
  25. Door knob installation
  26. Deck framing and sheathing
  27. Deck installation
  28. House wrap installation
  29. Vinyl siding installation
  30. Trim installation
  31. Deck EPDM installation
  32. Gutter installation, roof and deck
  33. Foundation skirt installation including plants
  34. Final landscaping with sod and tree plantings
  35. Rough interior framing
  36. Bath tub installation (includes water extension)
  37. Stairway and landing installation
  38. Water supply manifold installation
  39. Rough plumbing installation
  40. Utility channel around doors
  41. Rough framing installation
  42. fiberglass insulation of roof and walls
  43. Beadboard installation
  44. Spray painting of interior
  45. Electrical service box installation
  46. Rough electrical wiring
  47. Outlets, switches, shutoffs, 3 way light switch, and lights installation
  48. Toilet installation
  49. Sinks installation
  50. Kitchen cabinet finishing and installation
  51. Washer installation
  52. Dishwasher installation
  53. Water heater installation
  54. Finish floor installation
  55. Interior trim installation
  56. Heat pump installation
  57. PV system installation - structure and panels
  58. PV system installation - balance of system components and wiring
  59. Power Trailer maintanance and usage for onsite temporary power

This is divided into base rate of $25, and $1 for every additional certification.