GVCS Organizational Development Template

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(last updated May 30, 2011)

This template defines the tasks required for independent replication of OSE-like operations for open source product development. These tasks define an effective organizational infrastructure for a parallel product development pipeline. The focus of this is a wholistic infrastructure - all areas from organizational structure to web platform. The web Collaboration Platform is found here. The technical development of the GVCS 50 is outlined at GVCS Development Template.


  • Define a strategy for visualization of Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagrams for the 50 GVCS projects.
  • Produce a script for populating a task tracking system within each of the 50 projects with the Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagram items for each technology.
  • Produce automation strategy for the tool chain:
    • Creation of Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagram - sofware and process
    • Automated conversion of this diagram into a task list within a task tracking system
    • Recruiting of members to develop each component
    • Producing a methodology for integrating each component into a whole product.
    • Produce a formalism for prototyping of a given product.
  • Create a nonprofit organization to handle new resources
  • Acquire 170 additional acres for the world's first prototype post-scarcity community around Factor e Farm.