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Question: //Is there anybody still working on this? I had a similar idea up until i found this and i wanted to get involved. // Who should i contact specifically for this task?

/ I think that if we simplify some of the initial game-play (as i understand from the video with Adam), we can stand a better chance at rolling this out to the world. For example, aside from all other wonderful ideas, imagine what if you could organize contests for virtual use of any machine from the GVCS? Aside from other important checkpoint you have set for your project, you will probably want to popularize say how easy it is to drive a tractor on hydraulics. I saw Marcin's Hydraulics 101 video and it gave me the idea of all sorts of 'racing type' events. For this particular example, aside from anything else, you can at lest be sure you can teach people how to drive a tractor, lay bricks etc.

Other interactive gaming ideas/naratives:

I. build the machine in the shortest amount of time ([TIM inspiration]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Incredible_Machine_(series)

>> you can make gamers have to build all consecutive prototypes or give them the option to 'unlock' all the components of the latest prototype if they are willing to make a small donation to the project or other outsourced type of activities

(i'm not a fan of give outs to south america, africa etc as long as you could use that funding to develop the rest of the tools necessary in the GVCS; i don't exclude it, but it seems to me a better idea for the moment, as you can create a direct link between the user/gamer and the development of the tools needed in places like south america, africa etc :) )

II. use a specific machine that you build to do one or more specific task (from carrying something with a tractor/truck to milking a cow :D )

>> things such as speed, quality of end products, necessary time for completion etc may vary depending on the prototype the gamer manages to unlock

III. civil construction

>> you could create a game-play scenario in which users have to replicate the Factor e Farm on a predetermined blueprint of how the site should look like or >> you could give out specific tasks in order for people to gather more points so they can 'unlock' certain features in the game

- build water wells, roads, dams, viaducts etc - build a small hospital/care taking unit (think of a M.A.S.H. unit without any war around :D ) - build education/workshop facilities etc. IV. hero type missions/scenarios

>> a lot of people like the idea of being a hero and this could be their chance to apply the GVCS tools to modern calamities such as:

- heavy snow falls (save as many people as possible with the use of a tractors equiped with a snow blades) - floods (water pumps running on micro power cubes, rescue missions on potential future [life boats]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landing_craft ) - earthquakes (i don't have a clar answer to this aside from using a buldozer, but i would insert that in a game :P ) etc.


- receive an online certificate form OSE upon completion of a certain task, level, or game - spend a city-break with your better half in Factor e Farm - come join the Factor e Farm for a month - workshop tickets - win special artefact objects built solely by tools in the GVCS - DVS scolarships - encourage a gift giving culture throughout the game-play by asking for help in tools, materials, etc. etc. (you can add here other possible incentives)


I'm sure there are many others out there with all sorts of interesting ideas, but i guess the main challenge would be to create a holistic relationship between the ongoing R&D at the Factor e Farm and the game-play as you will roll-out more and more tools, working prototypes and so on. Furthermore, aside from other more obvious advantages, with some diligent planning and good story-telling, this thing can have quite an impact on:

- informing people about open source ecology - educating them in assembling and using all the tools in the GVCS - drive traffic to the website and wiki (through quizzes and such >> users looking for the correct answer to a question in order to unlock some feature in the game) - find new talent that can get involved in the mission - crowd-funding open source tools development costs (as oposed to communities in south america). this can be as a whole for the entire GVCS, or individually, for every type of tool.


Adam Shilling - another True Fan - is planning a multiplayer online game based on the GVCS as the inspiration for its connection to the real world. Adam is going to South America to meet real people – to assess the needs of real communities. The project will link gaming to the real world – where money exchanged ends up purchasing things like tractors or renewable energy equipment for villages in South America.

I think this is one of the most potentially world-changing ideas that can come out of internet culture, as applied to the real world. We were convinced that virtual reality games can indeed have a profound, positive effect on reality. Hear more in this video – the first half is on the explainer video work, and the second half is on the proposed game – which will be marketed as a game, not an effort to change the world:[1]

10 Minute Explainer Video and GVCS-Based Game from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

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