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  • Being Available to Help - Technical Guidance - Empathy with tact for encouragement; Personal availability for questions and guidance; And a communicable understanding of the objectives-- in this case the OSE paradigm, protocols, specifications, and design principles, with specific attention to our current projects.
  • OSE Collaboration Protocol
  • Semantic wiki - interested in it
  • What is your experience with teaching - teach dance - fusion dance
  • 1-on-1 with business interns. Last one was about -
  • Serious about getting work done
  • - energy meter
  • Designed chandaliers for some time in New York
  • Likes to develop beautiful lights.
  • Documentation startup
  • 3D Design and parametric design - may freelance
  • More interested in finding an engaged team of smart people
  • Likes systems - and to find ways to simplify and automate them. Organizing or managing data.
  • Degree in applied mathematics
  • Started in CAD
  • Mary Mattingly, Lonny - has good networks