Gary Log - July 2013

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Monday July 29

Goals for the Week

  • Complete process improvement for build phases
  • Link Up with Joe Justice

Completed Goals

  • Finished majority of scheduling, held off on microtrac until we can finish the process improvements to make sure we stay within the time line.

Friday July 26

All day planning with regards to process. Outlining current state to be able to make some lean improvements and create a more robust complete build process.

Thursday July 25

Many Many meetings, spoke with Rob today in regards to the OSECAR with Joe Justice. Got Joe's number and am going to try and touch base and travel over to see is set up if possible!

Wednesday July 24

Rough schedule for August and September planned in regards to completion of some of the 6 in 60 builds, micro house and updated lifetrac.

Tuesday July 23

Scheduling for a new timeline and builds, slowing things down to concentrate on quality and cost!

Goals for the Week:

  • Finish scheduling for Life Trac / Back Hoe / Microtrac / Ironworker
  • Complete look into the future to see where we stand and where we want to go by tackling some hard questions like: "How we make things modular but keep the cost down while making a quality product"

Monday July 22

ALL day planning meeting

Wednesday July 17 - Sunday July 21

Comp Time!!!

Monday July 9 - Tuesday July 16

LifeTrac 5 Completed and sent out to New Orleans!! Will be writing a work up concerning lessons learned, issues with instructions, work instructions, build out etc. once we get our Dozuki page up and running... great content and great place to show everyone what we are doing AND allow them to interact and have some say in what and how we build things!!

Goals for Week

  • Complete Design and build of Spark Tractor

Goal Completion

  • Marcin was able to finish the Ironworker on Wednesday and have a proof of concept cut (AWESOME!)
  • Backhoe was not finished due to some serious issues with getting the pivot to align... great lessons learned though. Also, have the majority of it completed, approx one more full day and it will be operational.
  • Due to the Back Hoe we weren't able to begin the Microtrac. Have suspended the 6 in 60 for the moment to concentrate on making the Spark tractor a great finished product. Will continue at the culmination of the Spark Tractor.

Wednesday July 3 - Sunday July 9

Travel / Holiday

Tuesday July 2

Continued work on the Iron Worker and Backhoe. Good progress on the Iron worker, 85% complete, need to place the blades and test!

Monday July 1

Goals for Week:

  • Complete Ironworker by Wednesday
  • Complete Backhoe By Wednesday
  • Start on microtrack by Wednesday and make enough progress to have it completed by Monday.