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See documentary about this work- The Spark. Development page: LifeTrac 5 Development Matrix - and LifeTrac 6.


See video of LifeTrac 5 in New Orleans -

See complete LifeTrac 5 YouTube Playlist


LifeTrac v5

Tractor Build 266.JPG LifeTrac5(v8).PNG

Rear Module

  • Ground-hug Pivot

Tractor Build 128.JPG Tractor Build 134.JPG Tractor Build 151.JPG

  • Power Cube Module

Tractor Build 129.JPG Tractor Build 137.JPG Tractor Build 152.JPG Tractor Build 184.JPG Tractor Build 213.JPG Tractor Build 208.JPG Tractor Build 212.JPG Tractor Build 220.JPG Tractor Build 246.JPG

  • Rear to Cab

Tractor Build 218.JPG Tractor Build 222.JPG

Quick Attach for Bucket and Forks

Tractor Build 225.JPG

Loader Arms

Tractor Build 226.JPG Tractor Build 227.JPG Tractor Build 228.JPG

Other -or- Notable Points of Concern

  • Hole Alignment

Tractor Build 141.JPG Tractor Build 150.JPG Tractor Build 144.JPG Tractor Build 155.JPG Tractor Build 163.JPG

  • Strength of Joints Near Pivot

Tractor Build 237.JPG

  • Clearance

Tractor Build 229.JPG Tractor Build 253.JPG Tractor Build 224.JPG Tractor Build 236.JPG Tractor Build 248.JPG

Design - CAD Files

LifeTrac4 (v5) snip2.PNG

LifeTrac4 (v4) snip2 QA version 1.PNG

New Pivot.PNG

Bill of Materials

Build Instructions

Loader Arms

File:Final Loader Arms (v1).skp The BOM is included in the skp file.


Google doc for pivot instructions. Credits: Leandra Forman

Bobcat Quick Attach Standard

See Bobcat Standard Quick Attach for LifeTrac


Rear Compartment

Foot Pedals

Hydraulics Diagrams

Build Walkthrough - Near Completion

Commentary on most parts -


Walkthrough -

Blog Posts

Future Work

  • Narrow down width by 4"
  • Narrow down cab to 3' as in existing LifeTrac
  • Evaluate foot pedals
  • Simplify Power Cube mounting/ Integrate into the structural frame
  • Increase height reach of Loader/ Tilt issue at full extension
  • Minimize part count
  • Design hose routing
  • Brakes
  • Cylinder valve for steering
  • Control configuration within cab
  • Utilization of all 36" of Loader Arm cylinder (or use a 4x30" cylinder if we already have adequate ROM)
  • Assess the concerns or others...
  • Fix cylider mounting -

Field Testing - Data Collection

See LifeTrac 5 Data Collection. See Prototype Assessment