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Monday May 27, 2013

Planning for the week- Short week due to the move, will check in later in the week. Hoping to see what progress was made on modules this Saturday and adjust the design from there. Continue working on the design phase to be ready for the build out mid June. Ran into some infrastructure issues yet again that will need to be taken care of immediately prior to the interns arrivals.

Friday May 24, 2013

Had executive meeting most of the morning to discuss infrastructure and future plans at OSE. Procured the rest of the basic equipment for starting the new web conferencing. Set up and installed the web cam for use, trouble shot any issues we were having with the feed for Saturday with Audrey.

Wednesday/Thursday May 22-23, 2013

  1. John Brushwood Stopped by today to help fix our welders. Very knowledgeable and a great individual. Taught me more about the inner workings of a Millermatic 200 that I ever thought I would know! Have some great pics of taking the entire welder apart that I will share with some highlights here Millermatic 200. Page to reflect some of the knowledge John passed down and be a beginning familiarization to the welder. Really cannot say enough nice things.. highly recommended.
  2. City works stopped out to paint OK on the dirt for the future install of the propane tank.
  3. The coup de grâce for the day was the completion of the initial tractor design that is, more or less fully modular, in that the entire frame of the tractor, to include the arms, can be bolted together with 1/4 4x4 tubed frame and bolts! Wanted to get this finished up so Marcin was able to have a 3d print model and Ian and company would have a basic design to get started from in their build process coming up in July.... which is why it's 0050 and 15 hours later I'm just finishing up. You're welcome :P

LifeTrac can be found here Modular Life Trac For Ian and crew, the aft section of the Life Trac (The 2 4x4 tubes over the wheels) will be extended for the power cube to rest on, as well as allow for use of a point of contact for other implements.

Tue May 21, 2013

Updated Warehouse to correct the pivot plates as well as the first three tubes. Utilized a different technique with the first three. Stock Pivot Plate and Warehouse was converted to an dxf. and sent to Cloverdale CNC Metal Cutting for analysis for cutting capability.

Created a Gas vs. Electric Energy Audit of the Hab Lab to concentrate on the differences between a Gas Heavy structure utilizing Gas Stove and Gas Water Heater versus going all electric. The benifit to the all electric is when FeF is fully capable of generating all of its electrical needs we wont need to utilize propane stores. However an argument can be made for the Gas, as in the future we can utilize other methods aside from propane to fuel the stove and water heater.

General concensus after the energy aduit and conversation has me leaning to the Gas heavy model.

Worked with Husam on the pivot, came out nicely today.. well done.

Procured a flat screen LED to utilize for web conferencing and to reduce the load on our bandwidth for better information sharing during web events. Installed said flat screen and tested with Grimm.

Mon May 20, 2013

Weekly Plan and Review: Week goals...Discussed with Marcin: (1) warehouse of 8 tractor plates and tubing from 1' up every 4" to 8' for 1/4"x4"x4" tubing. (2) Conversion of tractor to Sketchup - thus STL (includes Frame, Power Cube, Wheels import, Loader Arms). (3) Second Sketchup instructional; (4) generation of STL and gcode for 3D printer for the models.

Things to do this week: Get welders started/complete Small engine repair started/complete Complete tractor for 3d Modeling Speak to Ian and company about the Life Trac build Get started on the Gas hook up Complete onboarding rules and regulations Complete Tutorial on Sketch Up

  1. Created Warehouse as an area to house all Sketchup based parts for design creation enabling us to copy and paste rather than have to draw each piece over and over.
  2. Spoke to Tom finally concerning the powercube, need to nail down a design for the cube itself.
  3. Spoke to John, from brothers welding, tentative dates for coming to the FeF and looking our welders over.
  4. Started on a more modular frame for the tractor, should be able to test it out soon on the 3D printer. Will upload first draft tomorrow.
  5. will polish the tutorial tomorrow first thing.

Sat May 18 2013

Created a tentative Build Of Materials (BOM) for the Iron Worker with a change to the base of the structure. Scalable Iron Worker

Researched Flash Water Heaters Researched upgrading our "Design Sprints" to include a centralized Screen, camera and microphone to help reduce feedback and confusion. Great progress in design Sprint all around, good participation, thank you to everyone that gave their time today!

Friday May 17 2013

Have a tentative plan of production and design times for the 6 for 60 Campaign. Although we will be working on eight total concepts, our goal is to complete six obviously. Best case scenario we finish them all!

In an attempt to try and speed things along and if you're reading my log please feel free to volunteer for any of the following if you have specific experience. If you don't have specific experience, any would do nicely as I can plug you in to have you help anywhere!

  1. Micro Tractor
  2. Iron Worker (95% complete)
  3. 3D Hydra Printer
  4. Back Hoe
  5. Truck
  6. Bulldozer
  7. Car
  8. CNC Torch Table (Electronics remain)

Tentative schedule (subject to change at mine or the ED's will)

  1. Design all of the above to a initial prototype stage by June 15th
  2. Prototype sprint, down the list one by one until complete from June 18th to July 4th just in time for a July 4th BBQ... if we finish all 6 of course!

Played phone tag with Doug today, should be able to get him out soon to check out our welders and get them all in top shape.

Generators being repaired at St. Joesph Honda.

Need to touch base with Wayne about small engine repair asap.

Tom and I are supposed to speak tonight on the new power cube design with a single 50 hp engine.

Brian Peters did some great work for us regarding the Back hoe!

Hopefully Jordan P will get an early start on some design with the Bulldozer!

Design Sprint tomorrow 9 am CST!

Thursday May 16 2013

  1. For everyones viewing please I have made a couple new tutorials. One is more of a show and tell to give an idea of the speed something can be done with the new techniques that you will learn. Also, created a page for the tutorials themselves here Sketch Up Tutorial If they are confusing please let me know I love feedback!
  2. Contacted the gentleman that will be helping with the gas backup, once we fill out the form we should be cooking with gas in no time... so to speak.
  3. Tried to touch base with Tom in regards to the new power cubes, excited to hopefully collaborate with him and help with the design!
  4. Going to take the two broken generators down to Honda tomorrow and see about getting them fixed under warranty.
  5. Woke up to a bird in my room this morning dive bombing me, apparently the "Leak" is a little larger than a leak... Will fix tomorrow if there is time.
  6. New Appliances on the way tomorrow, need to set up 220 for the Hab Lab for the dryer. Cut out a space in the shelving for the refrigerator and may or may not place the dishwasher next to the sink.
  7. Need to move old 1843 Freezer to the supply room and move some shelving around, also needs to be cleaned out...
  8. Went over tool fixing needs in workshop with Marcin, intending to get professional reconditioning of all welders, and fix of select shop tools and power cubes.

Wednesday May 15 2013

Back to the FeF, changed rooms. Seems to be a "leak" as when I had the lights on quite a few insects decided to join me, will have to see if its form the door open or if we have a hole somewhere. Working on lessons learned and making some sketch up tutorials, hopefully have something by tomorrow.

Tuesday May 14 2013

95% complete with the iron worker (shear only). Need to readjust the hyd cycl to an 8 inch instead of a 10. Geometry seems sound now, later this week will start on the punch which right now will probably be modular. Also had thought of a modular build for an angle cut. Drove back to Kansas today for my last day of my former life. Scalable Iron Worker

Monday May 13 2013

Make great progress on the iron worker. Began planning on a back up natural gas system for the house so interns and DPV will not run out of cooked food or hot showers!

Saturday May 11 2013

Coming closer to the completion of the iron worker (design). Uploaded new sketch up file as well as new video showing the different layers.

  1. Working on geometry for the cut and punch.
  2. Iron worker needs "legs" as its only 8 inches wide and over 4 feet tall... recipe of disaster if we don't put some lateral stability to keep it from falling over.

Please relink to the Sketchup file in this entry so people don't have to search below. Makes it easy to find things immediately. You should also brag about your new video - put a link directly in this log to let people know.

Friday May 10 2013

Travel back to FeF. Picked up Husam, the first intern from Berea College.

Thursday May 9 2013

Continued working on the iron worker, geometry issue so far concerning the blades, articulation and placement of the punch and cylinder. All updates to the drawings are on the Scalable Iron Worker.

Wednesday May 8 2013

Learned some new tricks in Sketch up, will make some videos this week to pass on the info for everyone's learning pleasure.


  1. Make groups to be independent of other groups to not interact
  2. Build in Layers to be able to build up or tear apart the build to show what's underneath (this turned out great, very helpful)
  3. Finally figured out how to move and attach things to make them flush or to be able to insert line up etc.
  4. the quick move and layers enables you to copy and paste many parts and build much faster especially when building something modular!

Got some measurements and have a MUCH better second model of the Scalable iron worker, as seen here. Scalable Iron Worker Also, downloaded an add on that allows you to render drawings in Sketch up! which will explain what you see with the new jpg. AND!! If you call now we will throw in a video of the build up and break down of the Iron Worker... so far... by layers!!!! (Or you can just visit the Scalable Iron Worker and see it!!)

Should be able to add the sheers, pin, punch and hydraulic tomorrow!

Tuesday May 7 2013

Started on Design in Sketch up for the Iron worker as well as created a seperate page for the scalable model. Scalable Iron Worker


  1. Not sure about the cutting surface, how it will be made and how it will be attached
  2. Mounting plates in the drawing from the original design specify doubling up plates, however its hard to see where and how they are needed or if they are just concentrated around the hinge.
  3. appears to be a few design flaws in how the plates match up with the original Jpg on the Tractor page. Many of the plates would need individual 1x1 inch portions to keep from having, or maybe I'm just not looking at it correctly, will have to revisit the areas tomorrow.

Monday May 6 2013

Design on truck, few measurements as I was trying to work on what it would look like as far as the aesthetics and to get a "truck" while sticking with the original sub-frame, axles and leaf springs. Working on seating for individuals in the front, along with enough room for current power cube design, wanted to be able to have the truck enclosed as the FeF pointed out these last few weeks, it does rain...All enclosures could be as simple as sheet metal if needed. Bed could be wider, but the design is scale-able and we can work with the dimensions. Have a few other ideas, however this is what I could accomplish for the day. Created Trucktor Page so it will be easier for others to follow... hopefully.


Sunday May 5 2013


Saturday May 4 2013

Returned home for weekend

Friday May 3 2013

  1. Kitchen - I was able to make the kitchen "functional" however the lower cabinets and the drawers (other than the silverware and cooking utensils in the drawers by the stove which have been cleaned and disinfected) still need to be cleaned and organized. I placed the things on the shelves where they are due to the lower content that I found on said shelves...
  2. Bathroom I was unable to get to
  3. Store room is unorganized we can get to that with interns/DPV's
  4. Rooms have not been touched either... again interns and DPV's can clean their own I think.. they aren't too bad.
  5. Stove has a fresh seal on it, this one should do it... if not more is better :p

Thursday May 2 2013

Worked on Hablab ALL day... Stove is functional, still needs some tweeks... but the cement sealant worked.

Wednesday May 1 2013

  1. Finished some clean up where the camper used to be.
  2. We need to have a dumpster for trash, too many things that we can't burn that need to be thrown away such as broken plastics, destroyed cinder blocks, non-biodegradables that shouldn't be burned etc.
  3. Purchased some supplies to help clean the Hablab.
  4. After 3 hours of battle... I think I finally fixed the stove.. now that it's May. Welded an angle piece on the back to close the gap, cleaned all of the mud out and found some high temp woodstove sealant that's good to 1300C and can be used on masonry... Needs 24 to cure, will see if it smokes tomorrow!
  5. Starting on the Office tonight, continue to clean the Hablab into tomorrow and Friday.