Millermatic 200

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See also Spray Transfer for a high power mode of operation of this welder.

Millermatic 200 familiarization

File:Miller.odt File:Miller.ppt


Welder is in excellent condition. Light duty welding gun, though.


Ohio Miller

Welder was purchased from a family on 12/4/2012

  • Belonged to a late Master Technician
  • Kept in a garage in dry conditions
  • Some rust on frame and on roller screws
  • Included Parts
    • Argon/CO2 Tank
    • Glass Gas Regulator
    • Light Duty K&K Welding Gun
    • Custom made dual tank platform
    • Automatic Welding Mask
    • Small electrode spool

Ohio Millermatic Receipt.jpg
Ohio Millermatic 1.jpg
Ohio Millermatic 2.jpg
Ohio Millermatic 3.jpg
Ohio Millermatic 4.jpg

Shipment Expenses

File:Ohio Miller Shipping Invoice.pdf