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  • A Group with some reasonable criticisms of geo-engineering (like solar radiation managment, and ocean fertilization)
  • Also is critical of biocar and ccs tech
    • Granted pressurized gas storage underground is a huge unknown admittibly, and enhanced recovery negates the purpose of css tech OBIOUSLY
  • Need to look into their criticism of CSS, Biomass, and Biochar itself
  • They may have good data on meta-analysis of biochar effects

Their Stance

  • Anti Geo-Engineering (makes sense in most cases, ie ocean fertilization will cause DO drops, and essentially be a red tide, makes sense. And solar is odd, but it could be argued as a complementary tool WITH SIMUTANIOUS proper emission reduction efforts
  • Anti (Centralized) Biomass (not sure on decentralized stance)
  • Skeptical of Biochar (seems to be more against it's use as a gimmick/cure all, not it as a tool?)
    • Quote: "Biochar enthusiasts usually insist they won’t cut forests or convert ecosystems to provide burnable biomass. Just like the biomass electricity industry, they prefer to talk about burning “wastes and residues.” But there is no such thing as “waste” in a forest ecosystem — all is recycled, via decay, to support regeneration and regrowth. In many places, definitions of waste have been expanded to include virtually any wood that is not valued as sawlogs, so timber harvests are more intense and destructive. In agriculture, there are often better options for residues, such as compost, mulch, animal fodder, and bedding. In any case, industrial forestry and agriculture practices have already wreaked havoc on ecosystems. Creating a market for the waste products of unsustainable practices hardly seems a step in the right direction."
  • Anti-GMO ? (need to double check this)

Bias Probe

  • "geoengineering Monitor is a joint project of Biofuelwatch and ETC Group, with support from Heinrich Boell Foundation."
  • They seem to think community focus, and non-industrial farming practices can't go hand in hand with ccs/biochar (again need to read more on if this is how they feel on this)
    • A Search for decentralized in their in browser search engine came up twice, with it in relation to "decentralized renewable energy"

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