Global Governance

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Global Governance

  1. The fundamental layer of sound operation of any society is the regenerative use of resources via open source, collaborative development. Because open source affords effective economic distribution, it is a cure for centralized, authoritarian power. Nobody disagrees with becoming a powerful, effective agent - as long as one can see beyong a scarcity mindset. An element of psychological maturation is required for such a collaborative approach. Summary: open source design is a fundamental solution.
  2. It is the moral duty of every individual, entity, or institution to be transparent. Why? So that others can understand that institution's or individual's work - opening the possibility of building upon it. And thus have more agency around it. Lack of agency is lack of involvement and hope - and is dangerous for society.
  3. It is the prime responsibility of any society to educate its people towards responsibility. This means ability to think clearly, to form accurate mental models, to develop one's capacities and skills, to integrate oneself personally in terms of psychological development, to to work ('jobs') in activities that do not damage others or the environment.
  4. Transparency can be digitized in the form of algorithms so that the operating principles can be distributed widely and adopted on small or large scales. Large scale collaboration can exist when people share in strategic and tactical beliefs, for which transparency of working algorithms is key.
  5. Strong mechanisms must be created to minimize the propagation of lies and propaganda. This starts with teaching people personal integration for political intetegrity. This could involve a globally respected free press as a distributed, collaborative brand, and education that brings about the growth cycle of Radical Man.
  6. Normalize interdisciplinary college and technical education, without which it is impossible for anyone to make sense of the greater world. Disciplinary education leads to powerlessness of people in terms of creating the world around them because of lack of an enterprising approach. Only by eradicating extreme specialization can we hope to transcend the current system to create a system based on collaborative design of a future that everyone would like to see.
  7. Create mechanisms to replicate and distribute high-performance organizations. This can be done by open-sourcing their product designs, enterprise model, operations design and practice, and by creating mechanisms for educating others to replicate the enterprise.

OSE Governance

See OSE Governance - which lays out some tactical points - but these must be refactored by considering the Global Governance above. The Global Governance should apply at all scales - from nation states to Microstates and organizations. In all cases, regenerative use of natural resources must be the basis of any entity - starting with mechanisms to help people to grow psychologically to become responsible stewards of Earth. This assumes eradicating material poverty as a prerequisite.