Global Security Infrastructure

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Beyond NATO and Minsk, there is a possibility of a security infrastructure based specifically on Mutually Assured Abundance. This is a condition of Abunance First as a global leapfrogging strategy. In such an infrastructure - to address the heavy burden of wartime mobilization - we rely on (1) ample production for Financial Independence as the largest beneficial psychological force against manipulation by demagogues. This is coupled to Flexible Fabrication and Distributed Production - so that productive infrastructures are Abundance First (peace time use) but can be reconfigured for wartime needs on an immediate timescale. Given that these can be distributed, there is a ready formula for mobilization on the global scale - without any extra expenditure. The only expenditure is flexing to the production of other goods. For example, if 200k artillery shells are required, this means 7k per day. Small scale induction furnace and metal infrastructure (bearing, engine, hot metal shop) can produce 2000 lb of steel per day merely from a 50kW renewable energy system. This means enough metal for about 30 shells per day from a 400 sq meter facility. This can scale, if production can be engaged with zero delay in an on-demand manufacturing scenario. A total of about 240 faiulities (village population in number)